Coconut Oil Filling Machine: The Selection Guide

Usually coconut oil is a viscous cooking oil and is packaged using bottles or jars. VKPAK recommends using a piston filling machine to package coconut oil. Also pump filling machines can be used as bottling equipment for coconut oil.

Brief introduction of coconut oil

Coconut oil (or coconut butter) is an edible oil derived from the wick, meat, and milk of the coconut palm fruit. Coconut oil is a white solid fat, melting at warmer room temperatures of around 25 °C (78 °F), in warmer climates during the summer months it is a clear thin liquid oil. Unrefined varieties have a distinct coconut aroma. It is used as a food oil, and in industrial applications for cosmetics and detergent production. Due to its high levels of saturated fat, numerous health authorities recommend limiting its consumption as a food.[From Wiki]
Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Coconut oil filling machine selection

Usually coconut oil is packaged in glass or plastic bottles or jars. The following packaging containers are commonly available on the market.

When you are bottling coconut oil there are several types of filling machines you may choose.

VKPAK designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for coconut oil.

Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine

Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine

Introduction This rotary lobe pump filling machine adopts high-precision stainless steel rotor pump to measure the liquid capacity. Each pump is driven by a servo motor, with a wide filling range and high filling accuracy. The equipment has a simple structure, easy operation and easy maintenance. The filling...
Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Introduction Piston fillers measure and dispense free flowing products - such as thin and/or moderately dense liquids - onto a container. Each machine is equipped with one or more volumetric pistons. Each fill/release cycle consists of an intake stroke, where the product is withdrawn from the container or...

Automatic Piston Coconut Oil Filling Machine

The coconut oil filling machine is a high-tech product designed and developed by our company.It suits for different viscosity of water agent, semi-fluid and paste, is widely used in the product filling of foodstuff, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry. Using the straight filling way, may be used in the different vessels, needn’t add any parts.


1. Suitable material: Oil, jams, daily chemicals, and something that very viscous.

2. Coconut oil filling machine with PLC control: This filling machine is a high-tech filling equipment controlled by microcomputer PLC programmable, equip with photo electricity transduction and pneumatic action.

3. Accuate measurement: Adopt servo control system, ensure the piston can always reaches constant position.

4. Anti drop function: When close to target filling capacity can be applied to realize speed slow filling, prevent the liquid spill bottle mouth cause pollution.

5. Convenient adjustment: replacement filling specifications only in touch screen can be changed in parameters, and all filling first change in position, fine-tuning dose it in touch screen adjustment.

Rotary Lobe Pump Coconut Oil Filling Machine

Lobe pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that uses a rotary action to move product. Unlike gear pumps, a lobe pump will normally consist of about three lobes (versus the many teeth on the gear pump). Product is pushed throught the lobes in a manner similar to passing through the teeth of a gear pump. However, the extra space can be a benefit for products with small to medium particulates that may cause problems when passing through gears.


This machine is designed for handle from water-thin to high viscosity product, especially for viscid and foaming in chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry. The rotary lobe pump will provide accurate fills and the s/s lobe pumps are best suited for fill volumes from 50 ml to 20 liters. Requires CIP or remote CIP for cleaning.


1. Machine construction in stainless steel #304

2. Each rotary lobe pump is driven by an individual motor for high accuracy liquid filling.

3. PLC control with touch screen control system, filling voluem can be easily adjusted separately.

4. No change parts are required for different bottles sizes.

5. Diving type filling system prevents spillage during filling.

6. No bottle, No filling safety device.

Our range of filling machines is able to quickly and effectively fill packaging, creating a consistent look that consumers find attractive. They also create a secure seal that will protect the merchandise in transit and on store shelves. These efficient machines are all built from high quality parts and come in a variety of designs to fit your specific needs. They also come with customisable options so that you can utilise them for whatever kinds of products and packaging your business uses. No matter what kind of product you are selling and trying to package, we have a filling machine that is right for you and your business. Certain types of products require specialised machines, and we will help you find the perfect one to meet your needs. Our wide range of options ensures that there is a filling machine available through us that is suitable for your business needs.

Customize Your Coconut Oil Filling Line

After finishing the coconut oil filling, you still need to seal the coconut oil bottles or jars as well as apply your label to promote and display your coconut oil. VKPAK offers you a complete coconut oil filling and packaging line from bottle cleaning equipment to capping and labeling equipment.

Coconut oil Capping Machines

Coconut oil bottle capping machine, usually choose the following equipment, the specific machine selection needs to be based on the shape of the cap, size, capping method to decide.

Automatic Spindle Screw Capping Machine Sale

Automatic Spindle Screw Capping Machine

Introduction The VK-SC automatic spindle screw capping machine is extremely flexible, is capable of capping accurately and rapidly any cap, such as trigger cap, metal cap, flip cap and so on. 1. Variable speed AC motors. 2. Spindle wheels adjustment knobs, with lock nut hand wheel. 3. Meter...

Automatic 4 Wheels Bottle Capping Machine

Introduction Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine is designed to handle Trigger Spray Cap, Pump Cap, Push-pull Cap, Snap Hinge Cap and Sport Push-pull Cap. Round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles Applicable Caps: Screw Caps and twist of metal caps The main structure is made of durable 304...
Automatic Single Head Screw Capping Machine

Automatic Single Head Screw Capping Machine

Introduction VKPAK's single head chuck capping machines use the latest technology to automatically place and accurately torque most cap types onto most bottle types. The chuck capping machines can place and torque flat caps, oval caps, flip top caps, pull spouts, safety caps, child proof caps, sport caps, and...

Coconut oil Labeling Machines

Coconut oil bottle labeling machine, usually choose the following equipment, the specific machine selection needs to be based on the shape of the container, the size of the container, label size to decide.

Double Sided Labeling Machine

Automatic Double Sided Labeling Machine

Introduction Double Sides Labeling Machine is widely suitable for food stuff, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries. It is single and double side labeling for flat, square and round bottle. Automatic controlled by computer (PLC) easy operating. It can change specifications easily. It adopts servo motor, achieved closed...
Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Introduction The vertical round bottle sticker labeler is designed to achieve a rationalized production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, the labeling position is uniform, beautiful, and tidy; it is suitable for the round container labeling in the pharmaceutical,...
Automatic Orientation Wrap Around Labeling Machine

Automatic Three Roller Positioning Labeling Machine

Introduction It is special design for the round bottle orientation labeling with orientation device, the labeling accuracy can be guaranteed, especially suitable for the wrap around label. Oriented wrap around labeling machine is controlled by servo motor ( label exact is 0.5mm), It is suitable for any kinds...

If you would like to design a custom packaging solution for coconut oil products, including a system of coconut oil filling equipment, contact VKPAK to get started today.

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