Bag Labeling Machine


Bag is a flexible container made of cloth, paper, plastic, etc

VKPAK knows bag-labeling. We have designed several different bag labeling systems. For filled bags, VKPAK can put a label applicator on your production line to label bags after filling, but before palletizing. Information such as date and lot codes, bar codes and contents are printed and/or automatically applied to the bag on the existing conveyor line. This can be accomplished with any VKPAK labeler. The specific model and size of the labeler depends on the label size, print engine preference and throughput rate.

For unfilled bag labeling, VKPAK has designed a bag feeding and labeling system. Once the bag is presented, the labeler applies the information label to the empty bag. It is then shuttled to a collection bin to await the filling process.

We offer quality equipment, and our bag labeling equipment manufactured by VKPAK is mainly used to stick the adhesive label rightly on the flat surfaces paged flat bags, pouch, paper, card, envelope.

Our Bag labeling machine is the industry’s most technologically advanced label applicator machine. Our flat bag labeler is designed to efficiently apply a single top or top & bottom label to a variety of flat sealed-edge bags (like zipper bags), stand-up pouches, paper bags, boxes or other flat objects. Our unique guide systems use ultra-precise all servo fully synchronized conveyors and labeling heads to prevent bag skewing and wrinkling. This means a straight and precisely applied label on every bag.

Bag Single-Sided Labeling Machine
VKPAK’s powerful bag label applicator machine works with bags of almost any size and shape including small to large, very tall, and wide bags. An open cell tacky belt and a full compliment of product guide and control systems ensure straight products and consistently applied labels.
Bag Single Sided Labeling Machine
Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Introduction Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine dapt with Siemens PLC control, Omron and LEUZE sensors or Keyence, Mitsubishi Servo motor or delta servo motor. It is Easy control and operation, working stably and High speed and accuracy. Automatic warning on failures, no bottle no labeling. The labeling...
Bag Paging Labeling Machine
The automatic bag paging labeling machine we build is mainly composed of label feeding, label applying, bags delivery, fully adjustable guide, bags collection and other institutions. This manufactured equipment is independently developed and accent designed by the company, which can realize automatic labeling on both sides at the same time. The original labeling process and efficiency are improved, the labeling effect is more accurate, beautiful, and the error rate is lower. This equipment is customized according to customer requirements.
Bag Paging Labeling Machine
Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine

Introduction This machine is called automatic page labeling machine, also called automatic card labeling machine, which belongs to the series labeling machine series. Scope of application: 1. Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.; 2. Applicable products: Products that require labels or films on...
Bag Top and Bottom Labeling Machine
Our bag top and bottom labeling machine is built to be user friendly and versatile. The product profile memory stores different label sizes, speed and location of placement within the machine for quick recall during changeover. A main feature of this top and bottom labeler is the high friction belting which positively propels the bag for even and accurate label application.

Depending on requirements, only the top or only the bottom may be labeled as the product passes the station. The range of possible primary packaging applications extends from frozen packaging, to cans, to glass and plastic containers. For such consumer products, both speed and precise positioning are important. Top and bottom labeling is also used for secondary packaging like outer cardboard boxes. VKPAK has an economical, performance-appropriate system for each area of application.

Bag Top and Bottom Labeling Machine
Automatic Top and Bottom Flat Labeling Machine

Automatic Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Introduction The Automatic Top and Bottom Labeling Machine is specially designed and manufactured according to the principle and technical requirements of automatic labeling. It is especially suitable for surface labeling of small round bottles; it has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient...
Special Soft Bag Labeling
We have met many customers whose bags are so soft that the ordinary paginator cannot separate the stacked bags one by one, then we need special customized paginator to separate the bags and use suction type suction cup to separate the bags one by one and place them on the conveyor belt for labeling.
Special Soft Bag Labeling
Custom Label Applicator Machine For Your Bags
If your bag labeling is not one of these typical solutions, please contact us for custom labeling equipment for your bag labeling; for better machine recommendation and final price determination, please also tell us the following information:
1, The shape and size of your bag or container

2, The size of your label

3, How the label is applied to the bag or container?

4, Capacity (how much labeling needs to be done per minute or per hour)

We like to address challenging projects. If you have a very specific challenge and you have not seen it on this web site or on competitors’ web sites, we are always happy to look into it Here are some examples we have met:

  • Four different labels on the same pouch
  • Label application on very large bags
  • Label application on special die-cutted pouch
  • Label application on pouch with corner fitment
  • Label application on high-speed medical device pouch
  • Outsert application on pouch
  • Integration of a label applicator on a pouch Fill/Seal machine
  • Integration of a label applicator on a Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal machine