Automatic Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine


This tabletop bottle labeling machine is mainly used for applying self-adhesive labels onto various round bottles, no matter pet bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles or vials. It is an automatic but small labeling machine that it will take very little space. If your workshop is small then this machine is your wise choice. This labeling machine adopt high-grade stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, labeling head use high-speed servo motor to ensure the accuracy and the speed of labeling; all the optoelectronic systems are also be used in Germany and Japan imported high-end products, PLC with man-machine interface control, easy to operate. This product is applicable to food, pharmaceutical, chemical, stationery, toys, hardware and other industries of round bottle full-circle or semi-circle labeling. Product stands on the machine when labeling. Easy to switch and adjust between bottles. In order to ensure the accuracy, the machine adopts Taiwan PLC, Switzerland imported chips, double step motor drive, encoder automatic tracks speed.

Note: Tabletop labeling machine can also be customized, Tabletop round bottle labeling machine, Tabletop round bottle positioning labeling machine, Desktop flat labeling machine, Desktop top labeling machine, etc.

Model: VK-TL

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Labeling speed: 20~60 pcs/ min (depends on containers and labels size) The Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. It suits for small production.

Labeling speed: 20~60 pcs/ min (depends on containers and labels size)

Bottle size: Diameter: .63" (16mm) - 3.54" (90mm) Height: 1.18" (30mm) - 6.29" (160 mm)

Label size: Width:.39" (10mm) ~ 3.93" (100mm) Length: .78" (20mm) ~ 11.81" (300mm)

Label reel: Inner diameter: 2.95" (75mm) Outer Diameter: 11.81" (300mm)

Accuracy: ± 1mm

Voltage: 110V

Machine size: 47.25"L x 32.65"W x 20.86"H

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Bottle labeling machines can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. Suitable for small production, designed for round bottles or other common cylindrical products like plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. It is mainly used for labeling round containers in food and beverage, medicine, and chemical industries.

VKPAK Tabletop labelling machines for bottles are designed with compact robustness in mind. They are powerhouses in small packages that allow for production on a smaller scale without compromising the quality of labelling. VKPAK ‘s lineup consists of highly accurate and proficient automatic labelling machines which are undoubtedly a step up from semi-automatic labelling.

Automatic Desktop Labelling Machine for Bottles

Our Tabletop Round Bottle automatic labelling machines allow for mobility as well, as their compact designs allow for versatile positioning in your production line, while not taking up too much space. Their adaptable nature gives them the same efficiency as their larger counterparts, and even have the benefit of fitting in perfectly with your pre-existing setup. These labelling machines, once positioned and properly configured, will need no further adjustments as their built-in conveyors will automatically match the labelling speed for your products. They also have automatic label sensors to allow for more precise labelling.

Controlling the labelling machine for bottles will be a breeze to the operator, as they are programmable and have easy-to-use systems already in place for your labelling needs. They even have digital labelling parameters to suit your products.

VKPAK offers the best solutions to your labeling needs; especially to the needs of enterprises whose scale of production is at the small or medium level. We offer planning services to integrate our machines into your production lines to optimize your productivity. Our labeling machines are applicable to the bottles of various products, including food, pharmaceutical, bio-technological, cosmetic, electronic and chemical products.

Our tabletop labeling machines including: round bottle labelers, top labelers, positioning labelers and two-side lablers - come in small sizes and are thus space-efficient. They can be combined with filling and capping machines to become a small semi-automatic production line, which can fulfill the task of filling, capping and labeling in one single process.

VKPAK’s desktop automatic labeling machines are your best choice to optimize your line. We look forward to providing you with our full-package bottling solutions through them.

Optional Accessories:

  • Transparent label sensor
  • Date coder
  • Pneumatic wrap station
  • Hot-stamp coder

Apply label:

  • For non-clear adhesive label or pressure-sensitive label
  • Max standard label: (W)100 mm (or approx. 4 inches) (L)300 mm (or approx. 12 inches)
  • Inner label roll: 75mm (or approx. 3 inches)
  • Max outer label roll: 300mm (or approx. 12 inches)

Control System:

  • Program by microprocessor board, only one board with easy maintenance
  • Digital labeling parameters: start delay, peel length (and peeling speed, if no encoder)
  • Applicator switch

Wrap station:

  • Sponge belt is driven by the speed control motor
  • Applicator synchronized by the encoder
  • Bottle diameter adjustment
Speed Adjustment-Free Smart Round Bottle Labeller

This round bottle labeling machine is an economical model and is recommended for small and medium producers who have a small amount and diversification and pursue high-quality. Simple operation and high supportability. Equipped with a smart photo-electronic eye, it automatically applies labels to round bottles with only two buttons pushed. Such automatic feature frees you from complicated parameter settings and speed adjustments; and thus avoiding setting errors. The conveyor speed and labeling head position can be flexibly adjusted according to your production needs and the bottle size. It is applicable to a wide range of industries: The food, medicine, biotechnology, and chemical industries can use this labeler to achieve stable labeling quality. This round bottle labeler equipment worthy of your investment.

Tabletop round bottle labeler suitable for

Cylindrical products such as edible oil, sauces, wine bottles, medicine bottles, tea cans, lotions, shampoos, detergents, perfumes, lipsticks, lip gloss, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, iron cans, etc.


Self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeit labels, promotional labels, tamper-evident labels, tube labels, vial labels, lab labels, transparent labels (work with photoelectric sensor for transparent labels).

Labeling style

Wrap-around labels, half wrap bottle label, single-side labels.

Portable design

This machine can be moved easily, so you can set up exactly where you’d like. It can be positioned on a tabletop or bench, or moved in-line for automatic or semi-automatic applications – a convenience not found with heavier, more elaborate labeling machines.

Simple to use

With our advanced sensors, the labeler delivers optimal efficiency. Hand wheels provide simple adjustments, enable quick set-up and easy changeover.

Easy to maintain

In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards the labeler is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. Additionally, its simplistic design enables quick fixes and easy adjustments. Given this durability and easy maintenance, the labeler affords you a solid choice in labeling machine longevity.

Stainless steel body

Stainless Steel Body

Never deform, just to give you a better experience.

Control panel

Control Panel

Simple Operation Panel (The English operation panel make it easy to test and use the machine,the label separating speed is adjustable. And can set the delay time of label separating. The beside two knobs can control the labeling speed annd conveyor speedas your need).

Coneveyor belt

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is made of PU(Conveyor belt can be customized), and the width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the diameter of the bottle (preferably less than 80mm in diameter), and the width can be also customized if it exceeds the standard range.

Labeling Belt

Labeling Belt

Labeling quality, using standard of spring cover belt with long service life, labeling smooth, flat labeling, no wrinkles, no bubbles, improve packaging quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine?

This labeler offers a wide range of benefits in its various applications, making it a worthy investment.

Some of the advantages of investing in this equipment include the following;

Increased Production Line Output

Apart from manual tabletop bottle labeling machines, all the other types increase production speed, which is vital in industrial processes.

In essence, higher production output increases turnover, which is integral in enhancing business sustainability and profitability.


You can find this machine in different types, sizes, and designs based on your budget.

However, using it in labeling different bottled products and containers guarantees you cost-effectiveness in the long run.

It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and doesn’t necessarily require too much budget and space.

Offers High Compatibility

A typical tabletop bottle labeler allows you to adjust the mechanism to adapt to different systemic parameters.

This high compatibility makes it convenient to use, especially in a highly industrialized environment.


Using this machine doesn’t require any significant professional knowledge.

Once you set the parameters accordingly, this equipment can work based on the requirements.

Modern tabletop bottler labelers come with a control unit that you merely need to set the parameters and determine its operation.

Low Maintenance

The manufacturing processes of this equipment follow different standards laid by various authorized organizations such as GMP and ISO.

Moreover, the materials used for making the unit are quite hardy, tolerant to harsh conditions, and easy to maintain.

Which Components Make Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine?

Typical tabletop bottle labelers are made of different parts and components that work simultaneously to deliver efficient labeling actions.

Of course, it is vital to know some of the main parts of this equipment since it enhances efficiency and facilitates desired results from time to time.

Some of the main components of this labeler include the following;

Tray – It is used for systematically and continuously feeding the ampoules on the equipment for labeling process.

Labeling station – This component consists of a labeling head and labeling pad. It facilitates efficient application of labels on containers and reducing set-up time when labeling different bottle sizes.

Drive roller – The design of this part is to pull the web backing to enable the equipment to start and stop each labeling sequence.

Label sensor – It detects existing gaps between labels to regulate the system and enable it to trigger the label stop sequence.

Peel pate – This is the component separating the label from backing paper.

Conveyor – It is the component moving materials from the tray to the equipment and later on the bottle or product.

Chassis – This is the base frame of the unit forming the structural framework where all major components are attached to.

Motor – It is an electric device that actuates running of this equipment by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Control unit – This is an interface used for operating and monitoring various parameters of the labeler.

Safety unit – It contains different integrated safety features such as emergency buttons you can press if there is an emergency.

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