Automatic Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine


This tabletop bottle labeling machine is mainly used for applying self-adhesive labels onto various round bottles, no matter pet bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles or vials. It is an automatic but small labeling machine that it will take very little space. If your workshop is small then this machine is your wise choice. This labeling machine adopt high-grade stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, labeling head use high-speed servo motor to ensure the accuracy and the speed of labeling; all the optoelectronic systems are also be used in Germany and Japan imported high-end products, PLC with man-machine interface control, easy to operate. This product is applicable to food, pharmaceutical, chemical, stationery, toys, hardware and other industries of round bottle full-circle or semi-circle labeling. Product stands on the machine when labeling. Easy to switch and adjust between bottles. In order to ensure the accuracy, the machine adopts Taiwan PLC, Switzerland imported chips, double step motor drive, encoder automatic tracks speed.

Note: Tabletop labeling machine can also be customized, Tabletop round bottle labeling machine, Tabletop round bottle positioning labeling machine, Desktop flat labeling machine, Desktop top labeling machine, etc.

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Labeling speed: 20~60 pcs/ min (depends on containers and labels size) The Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. It suits for small production.

Labeling speed: 20~60 pcs/ min (depends on containers and labels size)

Bottle size: Diameter: .63" (16mm) - 3.54" (90mm) Height: 1.18" (30mm) - 6.29" (160 mm)

Label size: Width:.39" (10mm) ~ 3.93" (100mm) Length: .78" (20mm) ~ 11.81" (300mm)

Label reel: Inner diameter: 2.95" (75mm) Outer Diameter: 11.81" (300mm)

Accuracy: ± 1mm

Voltage: 110V

Machine size: 47.25"L x 32.65"W x 20.86"H

Speed Adjustment-Free Smart Round Bottle Labeller

This round bottle labeling machine is an economical model and is recommended for small and medium producers who have a small amount and diversification and pursue high-quality. Simple operation and high supportability. Equipped with a smart photo-electronic eye, it automatically applies labels to round bottles with only two buttons pushed. Such automatic feature frees you from complicated parameter settings and speed adjustments; and thus avoiding setting errors. The conveyor speed and labeling head position can be flexibly adjusted according to your production needs and the bottle size. It is applicable to a wide range of industries: The food, medicine, biotechnology, and chemical industries can use this labeler to achieve stable labeling quality. This round bottle labeler equipment worthy of your investment.

Tabletop round bottle labeler suitable for

Cylindrical products such as edible oil, sauces, wine bottles, medicine bottles, tea cans, lotions, shampoos, detergents, perfumes, lipsticks, lip gloss, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, iron cans, etc.


Self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeit labels, promotional labels, tamper-evident labels, tube labels, vial labels, lab labels, transparent labels (work with photoelectric sensor for transparent labels).

Labeling style

Wrap-around labels, half wrap bottle label, single-side labels.