Automatic Overflow Filling Machine


The linear overflow defoaming liquid filling machine is suitable for filling liquids that are prone to foaming, and it is also suitable for liquids that do not foam. The filling liquid can not only prevent foam from overflowing, but also keep the liquid level consistent. It can be used alone or in line with other equipment. It is currently the most ideal liquid surface filling machine for defoaming in China. The machine integrates domestic and foreign advanced technology, adopts PLC and electronic optical fiber sensor control, and microcomputer control operation. It can completely fill with bottles. Stop filling without bottles.

This type of filler is best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity. liquids with solid particulates not exceeding 1/16″ can also be filled. Note that overflow fillers are the machine of choice in handling very foamy products at higher speeds.

Model: VK-OF

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The equipment adopts an overflow filling mechanism. When filling, the filling head presses down on the bottle mouth to close the bottle mouth. When the filling head closes the bottle mouth, the filling valve automatically opens to fill the material into the bottle. After the filling is completed, the filling head automatically When the filling head is raised, the filling head is automatically closed and there is no material dripping. The surface of the bottle after filling is clean and hygienic, and no liquid overflows the mouth of the bottle. The equipment is suitable for the filling of various liquids. Such as pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and beverage, cosmetics and other industries. The surface of the equipment and the material contact surface are made of 316L stainless steel, no dripping, easy to clean. No dead ends, fully in line with national health standard requirement.


Sauces, syrups, light gels and shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, water and other non-carbonated aqueous beverages.


High performance, easy to clean, easy to operate, expandable at low cost. Offers the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost.


1.Capacity2000-2400 b/h
2.Filling Volume100-5000ML
3.AccuracyLiquid level error range ≤2mm
5.Power2500W, 220VAC
7.Air compressor≤0.6Mpa

Product Spotlight

The automatic overflow filler is a good choice for a number of thin, free-flowing products, products that foam, and some products with particulates.

Automatic overflow filling equipment uses a unique filling nozzle that recirculates product and allows for a consistent, level fill on each bottle, regardless of small variances in the internal volume of the container. The nozzle on the overflow filling system dives into the bottle and creates a seal over the bottle opening, pressurizing the bottle. Once sealed, the overflow nozzle releases product into the bottle. Once the product reaches a second port on the nozzle, the overflow port, product is taken away from the containers and returns to the product reservoir or tank. The "overflow" back into the product reservoir is what allows each and every container to be filled to a consistent level.

So what makes a consistent level so important when packaging products? Think about window cleaner, bottled water and other beverages. When these products appear on the shelf, consumers can see the fill level on each and every container. Inconsistent fills not only create an unattractive shelf presence, but can actually keep consumer confidence high if they are given the same product and the same amount on a consistent basis.

The automatic overflow filling system can be manufactured with anywhere from six to sixteen fill heads and can roll up to nearly any existing conveyor, making it easy to integrate into an existing packaging line. The standard overflow filler includes a PLC with an easy to use touchscreen operator interface, allowing for quick and easy changes of fill times, indexing times and other filling equipment controls.


Application Of Overflow Filling Machine

Anyone familiar with VKPAK and our equipment is probably aware that the overflow filling machine is one of our most popular pieces of packaging machinery. Unlike volumetric liquid fillers, overflow fillers use a cosmetic filling principle. That is, they fill each bottle to the same level even if there are small variances in the interior volume from bottle to bottle.

Cosmetic fills are ideal for liquid products that come in clear containers. Shelf appeal is heightened when all products are consistent on the shelf, eliminating consumer feelings of being shortchanged if some bottles appear to contain more or less product. Bottled water, distilled spirits and other beverages are big users of overflow filling machinery. However, a number of other products also use this bottle filler even when a clear container is not used. In other words, overflow fillers are popular for more than just their aesthetic benefits.

Though typically best for water-like, thin viscosity products, overflow fillers can handle slightly thicker liquids as well. Salad dressings, in clear containers and otherwise, often take advantage of the overflow principle. In fact, even dressings with small particulates like herbs can be run through this type of liquid filler. Detergents, shampoos and packagers of thinner soaps will often choose to use the overflow filler as well. The principle of returning product to the reservoir in these cases can also lead to less product waste.

Overflow fillers are also an ideal choice for foamy cleaners and chemicals. When products foam, then settle, bottles may not actually be as full as first thought. The unique nozzles of the overflow filler allow the creation of a seal over the container opening. Rather than foam spilling over the edge of the bottle and creating a mess, the foam can be forced out through the return line and cosmetic fills can still be achieved using this machine. In all, the overflow filler spans a number of different industries, from Food and Beverage to Household Items and even cleaners and chemicals.

An overflow filling machine works by creating a seal over the bottle opening. As the nozzle dives in to the bottle, liquid is released in to the container via a fill port on the nozzle. When the liquid reaches the desired level, it will recirculate through an overflow port that keeps the liquid at the same level. The technique used in this fill makes the machine an ideal solution for products that foam as well. As more liquid is released in to the bottle, any foam that may form is forced out of the bottle by the liquid being added. While this may slightly increase the fill time, it creates a solution for the foam that would otherwise lead to inconsistent fills, or the need for even longer, slower fills on other machine types to control the foam.

1. The advanced pneumatic valve is used to perform the filling, and the backflow filling head realizes sucking back foam and excess liquid, preventing the overflow of foam and excess liquid, preventing dripping and keeping the liquid level consistent.

2. The low-level liquid storage cylinder is adopted, and the whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect.

3. Adopt the bottle mouth device, after the filling bottle mouth is accurately positioned, the filling head extends into the bottle to realize filling.

4. It is convenient to adjust the filling volume, easy to operate, and can be filled with different specifications of bottles in a short time.

5. There are certain requirements for the integrity of the bottle mouth.

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