Automatic Three Roller Positioning Labeling Machine


It is special design for the round bottle orientation labeling with orientation device, the labeling accuracy can be guaranteed, especially suitable for the wrap around label.

Oriented wrap around labeling machine is controlled by servo motor ( label exact is 0.5mm), It is suitable for any kinds of round container. All the electrical parts of the labeling machine is made in Taiwan or Japan. Three points holding mechanism allows high labeling precision for round bottle. Pneumatic wrap-around station for versatile bottle diameter. Automatic three roller positioning labeling machine to label on the circumference of surface or other curved surface for food glass pet plastic round bottles, jars, cans, tins etc. It has optional circumference positioning detection device, realize the specified position single or double sticker labeling (one label or two labels A/B label at a time).

Model: VK-RPL

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This machine is applied to label the self-adhesive label on various round bottles or containers. It has accurate positioning function, high-speed labeling front and back at the same time.

The labeling machine adopts mature technology PLC control system, operation is stable and high-speed. It using touch-screen control operating system, simple, practical, efficient. Fix position Labeling machine synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration of labels, transparent sticker labeling without foam,adhesive sticker labeling without wrinkle.

Round bottle labeling machine's introduction: stainless steel body, panel control, electric eye induction, convenient operation. This machine has a wide range of applications, and can meet the requirements of full circle labeling and half circle labeling for round bottles. Our automatic three roller positioning labeling machine is suitable for 1 or 2 side labels wrapping labeling of various round bottles & similar objects, widely used in food, condiment, medicine, alcohol, oil, cosmetics, stationary, toy and other industries. The rectification mechanism is adopted for the circumvention of the label. The label does not deviate, the label overlap is high, the application is flexible, the bottle is standing labeling, and it has automatic Separate bottle function, it can be produced by stand-alone machine or connected to production line.


Machine Size 2100(L)×1000(W)×1450(H)mm
Output Speed30-60pcs/min depends on bottle and label size
Bottle height 30-380mm
Bottle diameter 80-170mm
Label Height 15-140mm (can be customize)
Label Length 25-300mm (can be customize)
precision ±0.5-1mm
Roll inside 76mm
Roll Outside Diameter 300mm
Power Supply 220V 0.8KW 50/60HZ

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1. Have positioning function at your options. Also can realize one sticker or two stickers labeling mode.

2. The labeling head convenient to adjust, the labeling speed is automatically synchronous with the conveyor belt speed to ensure precise labeling.

3. The speed of conveyor line, the speed of pressure belt and the speed of label output can be set and changed by the PLC human interface.

4. Use famous brand PLC, stepping or servo motor, driver, sensor, etc, good quality components' configuration.

5. Suitable for round bottles fixed point and position labeling.

6. Use rubber wheel differential spacing mechanism, inverter stepless speed change, separated into any spacing. No need change specifications parts when change products.

7. Use imported well-known brand servo motor, ensuring high speed, precision, and stability.

8. Using cylinder positioning, fast action and applicable for a wide range of product specifications.

9. Rubber wheel rolling on labels, long service life. Positioning labeling is high precision labeling.

10. Labeling accuracy ± 0.5 mm.


1. Wild application, suitable for vertical bottles or containers labeling with different size , we can also customize according to customer’s need

2. High labeling accuracy, labeling deviation: ≤±0.5mm

3. With squeezing type feeding device, labeling can be finished automatically.

4. Synchronous belt drawing, improved the stability with block adjustable, easy to change the labeling bottle

5. Beautiful design, simple structure

6. With photocell tracking, sensitive labeling detection

7. With coder, labeling and coding can be finished in one machine

Work Flow:

Bottles distributing---Correcting---Pressing---Labeling---Reinforcing---Finish

1. Fix the label roll on the machine according to the graphical representation, adjust the height of each part.

2. Check if all the position of the labels are correct.

3. Adjust the distance between the two rails, the distance between the brush and the conveyor, make sure the distance is suitable for the product to pass.

4. Turn on the power switch, turn on the optoelectronic switch.

5. Turn on switch of the motor and label sending device, debug labeling, if there are any abnormal, get rid of them.

6. Adjust the labeling position.

7. Ensure the test is OK, then operating the machine normally.

8. Power off.

It is one of the round bottle labeling machine, be specially used to label, can be for one piece or double pieces, front and back label can be flexible adjustment. Has function to label for taper bottle. Select setting up position fixed mechanism, can be true for labeling at a fixed place. Can work separately or work connect with assembly line or filling line.

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