Semi-automatic filling machines are ideal for small to medium scale production requirements. They offer fast, accurate and flexible filling solutions. Good operators can achieve output speeds of up to 40 containers per minute and changeover from one product to another takes only a few minutes. Most of VKPAK’s semi-automatic filling machines require only a compressed air supply. Semi-automatic filling machines are suitable for filling almost any liquid, from free flowing fragrances and alcohols, through to viscous syrups and adhesives and even liquids containing particles such as food products.

Semi-automatic fillers can offer a significant jump in production for a number of facilities, but they are useful for more than just getting out a greater number of filled bottles or containers. Semi-automatic liquid fillers can be manufactured based on the same filling principles as automatic filling machines. So the semi-automatic equipment can use an overflow principle, gravity principle, piston fill or any other method that would be used for automatic production. This means the semi-automatic machines can also handle products both thick and thin. The main difference between an automatic filler and a semi-automatic machine is found in the indexing. Automatic machines move bottles into the fill area without assistance from the operator, while the semi-automatic machines will require some manual labor.

VKPAK has manufactured semi automatic liquid filling machines for over 10 years. Semi automatic filling machines for mid-size and small-sized bottles are suitable for initial and small-sized products filling process at the beginning. Semi automatic liquid filling machines do not occupy too much space on the tale, and they are basic and economical types for meeting the needs of filling productivity of the industries of beverage, bio-tech, pharmacy, cosmetics, and chemical engineering. We offer many kinds of semi automatic liquid filling machines to meet different needs of products, such as desktop 2-nozzle filling machines, piston fillers, peristaltic filling machines, ampoule filling machines, pet bottle filling machine, cream filling machine and small liquid filling machines. VKPAK’s high quality of liquid filling machines can satisfy your needs of bottle filling.