Rotary Pick and Place Bottle Capping Machine


The pick and place capping machine is designed and manufactured for the caps which can not directly feeding on the bottles, it is mostly using for daily chemicals bottles and caps, cosmetics container capping, and pilfer-proof caps. The capper is either integrated within our filling machine or stand-alone. it is equipped with 1 or 2 heads for a speed of up to 4,000 caps per hour (depending on the type of cap and bottle used and size of them).

The pick and place (P&P) is an automatic pick and place capper designed to automatically pick, place, and torque caps for PET, PVC, and glass bottles. The bottle capping machine is designed with a star wheel indexing system to control and handle flimsy bottles. In addition, the star wheel assists in keeping bottles stationary as torque is being applied.

VKPAK’s auto pick and place capper is designed to handle most bottle types including PET, PVC, plastic, and glass. To eliminate damage to caps, the pick and place capper comes with adjustable electronic torque values.

Model: VK-PPC

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1. Bottle working on star wheels, for different size of bottle need changeover the star wheel

2. Stable working, mostly using the container less 1000ml

3. Caps feeding by some systems, such as elevators, viberator, centrifuge plate that stock and transport the caps to the dispenser and chutle.

4. Cam divider or pneumatic rail with vaccuum or robot hand system for picking and place the caps

5. Capping heads made according to the types of the caps, driven by servo motor

6. Capping torque is adjustable on HMI


Capping heads: 1 or 2

Capacity: 1500b/h to 4000b/h

Size: 2000mm*1400mm*2100mm

Voltage: 220V single phase

Power: 1.5KW

Working Principle

The filled bottles moving on conveyor belt and fed into an in feed star wheel by in-feed worm. While moving in feed star wheel, bottles pick up caps one by one from delivery chute. The descending rotary sealing heads hold bottle’s neck with desired pressure. The sealing is done in a programmed roll-on manner, accurate positioned of the caps is done mechanically by means of a rotating unscramble, to direct the caps correctly into the chute, when the chute is filled up the rotating unscramble drive is disengaged, hence, there is no chance to damage of caps. The sealing roller takes place due to rotating sealing head and transfer movement of sealing threading rollers due to sealing cam. The sealed bottles are discharged by exist star wheel on conveyors.

Working Video

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