Single Head Vacuum Capping Machine


This machine is an original product of our company. It integrates automatic capping and vacuum capping. It has a high degree of automation. It uses a vacuum pump to evacuate the sealed vacuum chamber to obtain a high degree of vacuum. The main pneumatic and electrical components are internationally renowned brand, stable and reliable performance, widely used in automatic vacuum capping of various types of glass bottle tinplate cap packaging.

The standard configuration of the machine is that the bottle cap needs to be placed manually, we also provide a fully automatic solution, please watch the working video.

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Main Characteristics:

  • This machine integrates the upper cover and automatic vacuuming and capping, and has a high degree of automation;
  • The method of vacuuming with a closed chamber vacuum pump and then screwing the cover can ensure a high degree of vacuum;
  • The capping torque and vacuum degree can be set as needed;
  • Replacing the mold and other components can be suitable for vacuum capping of bottles of different shapes and sizes;
  • The upper cover has the functions of reverse rotation and pre-rotation to ensure the accuracy of the upper cover and the high pass rate of vacuum screwing;
  • The shell, frame and main structure of the machine are mainly made of 304# stainless steel, with beautiful appearance
  • The machine is controlled by PLC with man-machine interface (touch screen), and the main pneumatic and electrical components are selected from internationally renowned brands to ensure stable, reliable and durable equipment performance;


Vacuum capping speed1000-1500 bottles/hour
Power supply voltage220V/50~60Hz
Power≤1.5KW (including vacuum pump)
Capping torque 5-20N.M
Air source air pressuregreater than 0.6Mpa
Air consumptionabout 0.2M3/0.5Mpa
Maximum vacuum degree-0.07mpa Adapt to bottle height: 50-180mm
Adapt to bottle diameterф35-ф110mm
Adapt to bottle capф35-ф95mm
Weightabout 250kg
Dimensions 1800*650*1500mm (length*width*height)

The vacuum capping machine is mainly used for vacuum capping of various glass bottles with a tin cap. It has a wide range of applications, such as sesame sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, jam, canned peach, bird's nest, beer, wine, oil, milk, etc. A vacuum capping machine forms a completely enclosed space which effectively prevents bacterial growth, oxidation, and spoilage. It has the effect of quality preservation. By the way, a vacuum capping machine is usually used together with a paste filling machine, when the sauce or liquid is filled, the bottle and the cap are put together on the machine for capping.

Benefits of vacuum capping equipment

The vacuum capper is made of stainless steel material, serving for a long life.

The products can be stored for long time, anti-corrosion.

It’s a cost-effective, high-quality vacuum capping machine.

Capping torque and vacuum degree can be adjusted according to demand.

Compact and reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Pneumatic and electric components using the well-known brand, to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Customization service is available.

Applications of vacuum capping machine

In life, all the products using the glass bottle and iron cover are applicable. Widely used in food, canned, beverage, condiment, health care products, and other industries. Such as honey, sesame sauce, mushroom sauce, chili sauce, blueberry sauce, jam, canned fruits, canned vegetables, soy products, ketchup, etc. The vacuum capper is suitable for round glass jars, square cans, and other shapes.

What kind of bottle can vacuum capper be applied to?

The standard configuration is a glass bottle and iron cover. But the glass bottle can be of various types. For example, round bottle, groove bottle, square bottle, etc. Owing to the available customization, we can customize the capping mold based on the bottle size. Moreover, this vacuum capping machine is only for glass bottles and iron covers. Because the container must have enough hardness to maintain the vacuum. And the rubber on the inside of the cap can make the sealing and fastening effect well.

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