Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine


Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine dapt with Siemens PLC control, Omron and LEUZE sensors or Keyence, Mitsubishi Servo motor or delta servo motor. It is Easy control and operation, working stably and High speed and accuracy. Automatic warning on failures, no bottle no labeling. The labeling Machine is suitable for all kinds of objects with plane surface, such as boxes, bottles, cans, etc. Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry, stationery CD, various oil, etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.

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Technical Parameters
Machine Size1600(L)×1000(W)×1250(H)mm
Output Speed20-100pcs/min depends on label and bottle size
Height Label Object30-280mm
Bag sizemax L60cm; max W 40cm; max H10cm
Label Height15-140mm
Label Length25-300mm
Pastes the sign precision±1mm
Roll inside76mm
Roll Outside Diameter300mm
Power Supply220V 0.8KW 50/60HZ
Power Supply2800(L)×1650(W)×1500(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine450Kg

The top labeling machine is carefully designed to meet all the performance requirements and meets the performance requirements. The top labeler Parts are made from high grade raw materials including a sturdy stainless steel frame for strong support of the equipment. It works on various types packaging material therefore ideal for most industries including cosmetic packaging, health care products, retail food, baked goods and even beverages.

The top labeling equipment is easy to set up and run, as well as integrate into other production lines. In summary, the equipment is dependable, consistent and versatile in usage. It also has good energy saving features.

2Touch ScreenSiemens1German
3Frequency ConverterDANFOSS1Denmark
4Servo MotorPanasonic1Japan
8Label sensorLEUZE1German
9Bottle sensorOmron1Japan
10Machine Construction material304 Stainless steel 3041
Top label applicators are by far the most versatile equipment we offer. Whether you are labeling bakery goods, tops of jars, boxes, or lay flat goods like chipboard or books, this equipment is up to the task.

Our experts can help you select the right top labeling machine for your application at the right price.
Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine Application

1. Labeling height and angles are adjustable.

2. Driven by stepper motor.

3. Can be connected with production line.

4. Conveyor belt and labeling speed are adjustable.

5. Controlled by Microprocessor system with LED screen, easy to read and set information.

6. Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor belt.

7. Advanced sensor detection system makes precise labeling.

8. No repositioning or timing adjustment is necessary when changing bottles size.

9. Labeling counter, easy management.

10. Emergency button for safety.

11. Conveyor belt can be customized.

12. All are made of stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy.

13. Easy maintenance and longevity.