Vacuum Capping Machine


This machine is researched and developed by our company with years of experience, it is unique in domestic. Integrated automatically cap arranging with covering, vacuum capping. Adopted manual vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum. With the functions of no bottle no covering, alarming when no caps are available. Enjoyed high automation. The main pneumatic and electric parts are from world famous brands. With stable and reliable performance. It is widely used for vacuum capping of the glass jars with iron caps in the industries of canned food, beverage, seasoning, health care products etc.

Automatic vacuum capping machine is suitable for sealing glass bottles with various shapes and specifications. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and mechanical sealing mechanism. Complete function, high degree of automation, suitable for all kinds of condiments, pickles, sufu, honey, jam and other products of the four-spin cover and three-spin cover sealing.

Model: VK-VC

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A vacuum capping machine is what you need if you want an excellent sealing with vacuum caps. This kind of caps are actually one of the most used in the industry because they allow the content in the bottle to last a lot longer than usual. With these machines you can assure yourself a hermetic sealing like no other.

Technical Parameter

We have various models of vacuum capping machines, the following parameters are only standard machine dimensions, in addition we provide custom vacuum capping machines.

Power: ≤2.3KW(including the vacuum pump)

Production capacity: 2500-3000 BPH

Cap diameter: ¢30-¢55mm ¢50-¢85mm

Bottle height: 80-250mm

Bottle diameter: ¢30-¢85mm

Max vacuum: -0.08mpa

Capping torsion: 5-20N.M

Air consumption: 0.6M3/0.7Mpa

Dimensions: about 2100×900×1630mm 750X1060X1400mm

Weight: about 850kg

Why do we need vacuum capping?

As we all know, vacuum-packed food often has a long shelf life, which is because vacuum packaging reduces the oxygen in the atmosphere, limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and prevents the evaporation of volatile components. At the same time, vacuum packaging avoids the use of preservatives, which to a certain extent restores the nutritional value of the food itself. Finally, vacuum-packed items are also less likely to be damaged during transportation.

What kind of bottle can vacuum jar capper be applied to?

The standard configuration is a glass bottle and iron cover. But the glass bottle can be of various types. For example, round bottle, groove bottle, square bottle, etc. Owing to the available customization, we can customize the capping mold based on the bottle size. Moreover, this vacuum capping machine is only for glass bottles and iron covers. Because the container must have enough hardness to maintain the vacuum. And the rubber on the inside of the cap can make the sealing and fastening effect well.

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Main Features

1). Integrated automatically cap arranging with covering and vacuum capping, with high automation.

2). Adopted manual vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum.

3). Capping torsion and vacuum degree can be set as required.

4). Suitable for different shapes and sizes bottles with changing few parts.

5). The main pneumatic and electric parts are from world famous brands to ensure stable, reliable and durable performance.


Automatic Cap Vacuum Capping Machine Drawing


High vacuum zero damage: This automatic vacuum capping machine is the starlight the company's latest research and development of a brand new model, using the flexible rise ring seal chamber structure, it can do fragments bottle rate and vacuum zero leakage.

High quality rotary cover: capping system adopts imported brand to drive servo motor, through professional programming design it can achieve the best effect of screw cap, and through the touch screen it can modificate various parameters, in order to adapt various production requirements.

High reliability: host transport tank platform use the servo drive, combine with the sensor detection to realize intelligent in and out of tank, and avoid the traditional mechanical broken bottle fault and equipment damage caused by hard links.

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