Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine


This machine is called automatic page labeling machine, also called automatic card labeling machine, which belongs to the series labeling machine series.

Scope of application:

1. Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.;

2. Applicable products: Products that require labels or films on flat and large curved surfaces;

3. Application industry: widely used in electronics, hardware, plastics, chemical and other industries;

4. Application examples: cardboard labeling, acrylic film, large plastic film, ceramic film, IC card labeling, etc.

Model: VK-FPL

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Automatic paging marking machine can be used for a variety of materials, a variety of specifications, shape into a stack of CARDS, plastic, paper products automatically divided into single after automatic labeling, such as plastic bags, paper, paper box, prepaid phone CARDS, card, IP card, 200, 300 phone CARDS, and other items of phone automatically after say good bye, accurate the non-drying label again.(security labels, bar code), etc.High labeling accuracy, no bubbles in the film; It has the function of automatic product identification, which can automatically enable different labeling headers according to different products.


ModelAutomatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine
Driving ModeGerman Avery
Operating directionLeft or Right
Conveyor Speed(m/min)≤40
Labeling Accuracy±1.0 mm
The inner diameter of label roll76 mm
The outer diameter of label roll350 mm(max)
The suitable size of labelWidth 15-160 mm length 15-300 mm
The suitable size of labeling objectsCan customized
Printer use air5kg/cm ²
Voltage (In China)AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
(Can customized as client need)
Machine size2900(L)1200(W)1600(H)mm
(machine size can made as client need)

Working Principle

Film, PE bag, carton, CARDS and other things were posted a folded stack (limited) placed in the paging device, paging device automatically separate the material one picture taken to conveyor belt, conveyor belt use vacuum adsorption product adsorption on the conveyor belt, fiber optic sensors to detect the product after, transmit signal to label control system, in the preset position control system to send out the label and attached with a stay in product labeling position, products through the roller, label was posted, a label attached.

Workflow: manually put the pasted products -- > products are automatically separated and transported -- > products are detected -- > products are labeled -- > collects the labeled products -- > takes the products.

Working Video

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Equipment Advantages

1. Micro-design of mechanical structure, less space, convenient equipment movement and assembly line placement;The product guide gap eliminating mechanism and label anti-deviation mechanism are adopted, and the calibration accuracy is up to ±1mm.

2. Labeling stability, labeling smooth, non-wrinkle, no bubble, can meet the requirements of most product plane and large radian surface labeling;

3. The structural combination of the mechanical adjustment part and the ingenious design of label winding make the adjustment of labeling position freedom convenient (it can be fixed after adjustment), making the conversion between different products and label winding simple and time-saving;It has the functions of no labeling, no calibration and automatic detection;

4. Powerful functions, using standard PLC+ touch screen + servo motor + standard sensor electronic control system control, high safety factor, human-computer interaction interface all Chinese notes and perfect fault handling prompt function, operation teaching function;Easy to use, simple to maintain;Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other explanatory materials), to provide adequate guarantee for the normal operation of equipment;

5. It is equipped with fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no label within the set time, the device will automatically turn to power saving standby state), production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting is managed by permission);

6. High stability, the use of imported first-line mark, measuring sensor, high sensitivity, stable performance, durability;The stable and durable frame and various parts adopt the standardized modular design with complete interchangeability, and operate 24 hours a day to ensure safety and stability.

7. Safety and health, chassis, stainless steel SUS304 material and T6 aluminum alloy, never rust, in line with GMP excellent manufacturing standards;

Optional Functions and Components

1. Marking machine: hot marking machine prints production date, expiry date, production batch number, etc.Code and label synchronization, improve production efficiency.

2. Inkjet: it can be matched with the mainstream inkjet in the market, inkjet at the designated location of the label, and perfectly combined with the labeling machine.

3. Universal sensor: transparent label cannot be detected by ordinary sensor, special electric eye imported from Germany must be selected for testing.

4. Reader: read qr code, bar code and other information to facilitate the establishment of product database for product traceability.

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