Automatic Linear Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine


Our automatic hot melt glue labeling machine adopt advanced processing and software control technology. This kind labeling machine is use for automatically labeling labels around on kinds of plastic bottles, cans, barrels, etc products warp around with (OPP/BOPP) labels. This kind machine suitable for process of water, beverage, oil, etc production line’s labeling work and also suitable for bottles, cans, etc products labeling packing works in kinds of industries. The material of label are using environmentally material of OPP/BOPP films. It can be automatically oxidative decomposition and reduce production costs by more than 30 percent. Labeling machine is control by plc touch screen, all electric eye are using imported advanced configuration. This labeling machine with high speed, high accuracy, stable performance, easy to operate and look elegant appearance.

Automatic hot melt glue labeling machine could independent finish products (bottles) feeding, labels feeding, gluing, label cutting, labeling label on bottle works in automatically and smoothly.

Labeling type: all around
Glue type: hot melt
Container diameter: 35mm-100mm

Model: VK-HMGL

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Automatic hot melt glue labeling machine ,which is widely supplied for different material of container and label. the label cost is comparatively lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have variety of the containers .

It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production. The equipment has massively used modularization design concept to make it easy and simple for users to change the bottles.The linear type mainly labels the round bottles in glass or plastic materials while the rotary type can label not only the round-shaped containers but also the square bottles like liquid detergent container etc.

Machine Description

  • Roll-fed type
  • Label in-fed from label station is conveyed to label in-feed roll-er through label guide roller
  • Sensors will check i-mark of label automatically when label reaches label in-feed roller
  • As soon as the position of i-mark is confirmed, encoder will adjust the operation speed of label in-feed roller and then appoint the label cutting position
  • Label which has been cut is conveyed to vacuum drum
  • After checking label attached on vacuum drum by sensor, label is conveyed to glue roller and then inject hot melt on label
  • To adjust containers by in-feed star wheel and do labeling in roller zone for the first time and then labeling operation will be done perfectly by side belt.

Main Technical Parameter

Suitable bottle volumeCustomized
Bottle shapeRound bottle
Bottle diameter:50mm-100mm
Label exact:2mm
Applicable material of labelPAPER, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC
Applicable material of bottlePE, PET, Glass bottle, POP Can
Power308 VOLTS, 3 PHASE, 50-60 HZ, 9 -12 KW
Air consumption4Mpa
Weight1500 Kg
Dimension of machineL5000 × W1800 × H2000 mm


1) Easy operation to adjust label cutting knife
2) Vacuum drum made of high rigid material to reduce friction and static
3) Rapid changeovers: modular design and quick release change parts have changeovers fast and easy in ten minutes
4) Using handle to adjust the position of cutting knife is possible and exactly
5) Vacuum manifold at the lower part of drum and cutter, made of heat & wear resistant material
6) Automatic label length controller to adjust position of I-MARK


1) Label material: OPP, PVC, PAPER etc
2) Label size: As demanded
3) Labeling method: Linear type


Control: PMC, inverter
Safety attachments
① Overload running safety equipment attached on driving zone
② Stopper for abnormity operation of in-feed star wheel
③ No bottle fed (sensor check)
④ Overload for bottle fed (sensor check)
⑤ No bottle no labeling

Main Construct:

1. Conveyor part
2. In feed star wheel part
3. Label station
4. Vacuum drum part
5. Driving part
6. Hot melt applicator
7. Glue roller part
8. Side belt part
9. Label cutting part
10. Label guide roller part
11. Frame part
12. Air and lubricate part
13. Electric part

  1. It applies to a row of paste volume, the use of local means glue, glue consumption of small, low running costs.
  2. Due to the design of high-precision the machine capacity can reach high speed.
  3. Marked station is the heart of the aircraft, designed to complete the standard trademarks station transmission constant tension; trademarks automatic correction; labeling speed (revolution speed of the machine and the speed of rotation of the synthetic bottle speed) internal matching; not send bottles marked function; glue function is not scale-free; bottle labeling before and after the replacement of the normal type;
  4. The host used on home cam design to replace the bottle-type simple; nose tight card using pneumatic means to increase the convenience of the host.
  5. The overall automation and control the use of plc control, the servo system, the inverter system, temperature control systems and other needs with comprehensive control of the point.
  6. Overload protection, security, protection of the design of complete, multi-point and fault protection device to ensure that the alarm sound and light man-machine safety.
  7. Centralized lubrication system allows the operation of machinery lubrication components more simple, more normal, more to ensure that the machine life. The machine is simple and convenient maintenance.
  8. A specially designed folder structure to ensure that trademarks are trademarks of trademarks has always been flexible in compacting the folder block.
  9. Servo motor-driven traction trademark agencies, photoelectric color code detection and compensation structure of a trademark can be cut off to ensure that trademarks are timely, accurate, and neatly cut.
  10. Biaxial screw propeller institutions bottle into the bottle so that a more stable, high-speed into the bottle so much more smoothly.
  11. Inflatable bottle of the local function is the quality of the container (grams) low, allowing users to reduce operating costs.
  12. Double disk structure to ensure that the user feed the least time to replace the membrane, so that the effective production of longer, more productive machines.
  13. Specifically the constant tension of the membrane material detection and feedback control system ensures that the general membrane materials to achieve high quality labeling.
1SchneiderFranceFrequency Converter1
2SchneiderFranceFrequency Converter1
4ELAUGermanPac Drive PLC; Driver and Servo Motor1
11SchneiderFranceTouch Screen1
12SchneiderFranceDownload Cable1
14SchneiderFranceLimit Switch2
15SchneiderFranceFilm Threading2
16SchneiderFranceSecurity Module1
17SchneiderFranceProximity Switch2
18SchneiderFranceProximity Switch0
19SchneiderFrancePhotoelectric Switch6
20SchneiderFrancePhotoelectric Switch2
21SchneiderFrancePhotoelectric Switch Reflector Panel8
23SchneiderFranceMiniature Circuit Breaker1
24SchneiderFranceMiniature Circuit Breaker3
25SchneiderFranceMiniature Circuit Breaker2
26SchneiderFranceMiniature Circuit Breaker2
27SchneiderFranceMiniature Circuit Breaker4
28SchneiderFranceLight Bulb1
29SchneiderFranceElectric Motor Breaker1
30SchneiderFranceElectric Motor Breaker1
31SchneiderFranceElectric Motor Breaker2
32SchneiderFranceSchneider Electric Motor Breaker2
34SchneiderFranceElectric Motor Breaker Accessory3
35SchneiderFranceTriple Pole Contactor3
40SchneiderFranceIntermediate Relay22
41SchneiderFranceIntermediate Relay22
42SchneiderFranceButton Box1
43SchneiderFranceWhite Indicating Light1
44SchneiderFranceGreen Indicating Light1
47SchneiderFranceButton/Indicating Light1
48SchneiderFranceLamp Pole1
51SchneiderFranceOption Switch Button3
52SchneiderFranceEmergency Stop Button3
53SchneiderFranceIlluminated Pushbutton4
54SchneiderFranceIlluminated Pushbutton1
55SchneiderFranceContactor Foundation4
56SchneiderFranceIlluminated Contactor Foundation1
57SchneiderFranceButton Foundation2
58SchneiderFranceButton Foundation4
59SchneiderFranceButton Foundation2
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