Bottle Feeder Machine For Small Bottles


This machine is used for plastic round, shaped or square bottles unscrambling equipment. No matter what the status of the bottle feeding, the machine can automatically complete the bottle feeding, bottle unscrambling, flip, arranging, bottle output, and connected with later packaging equipment.

The machine uses high quality stainless steel or non-toxic pollution-free engineering plastic, adopts mechanical transmission technology, different bottles can work on a machine by adjusting machine parts, has stepless adjustable speed, simple operation, high degree of automation.

The machine is used with the main machine in production line.

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The automatic bottles feeder designed and manufactured by VKPAK is placed at the entrance of your packaging line. This complementary packaging solution allows the continuous and automatic feeding of the vials to be filled, capped and labelled.

Our automatic rectifier is suitable for small bottles and is ideal to complete an automatic packaging line dedicated to filling e-liquid (electronic cigarettes liquid), agri-food (natural flavours, food colours, etc.) and cosmetics (essential oils, etc.) products.


  1. The function of the machine is to manually add materials to the storage bottle library for storage.
  2. The materials in the storage bottle library will be automatically quantified and set at a set speed to the turntable.
  3. The turntable supplies the bottles as required by high-speed rotation. Standardize the bottles, and divide the bottles at a certain speed to send the bottles supplied by the turntable into the unpacking part.
  4. The noise is less than <70dB.
  5. The machine frame and barrel are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel material, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection, and there is no dead angle on the whole.
  6. Meet GMP requirements.
  7. The automatic bottle reversing mechanism is equipped with a bottle collecting device, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  8. The machine is equipped with two stepless speed regulation motors, and one is used to adjust the rotation speed of the bottle unwinding plate, that is, the faster the turntable speed , Then the faster the speed of unpacking the bottle, the slower the converse. And at the exit of this machine is equipped with an Omron photoelectric switch to detect whether there is a bottle jam on the conveyor belt behind. If a bottle jam occurs, the motor of the bottle tray automatically stops. If a bottle shortage is detected, it will automatically turn on and send bottles.
Bottle Feeder Machine For Small Bottles Structure
Bottle Feeder Machine For Small Bottles Structure


  1. Output: 60-70 bottles / min
  2. Bottle specifications: 10-200ml
  3. Voltage: AC220 / 50-60Hz
  4. Total power: 1KW
  5. Air pressure: 0.5 Mpa
  6. Dimensions: 1500 × 1000 × 1200mm
  7. Net weight: 200KG
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