A bottle cap machine is a machine that tightens or secures a container’s cap. Every company that fills products into bottles, containers, or jars needs a way to close the container, and the most common closure is a cap.

In any liquid packaging line, having reliable cap machines is essential. These machines ensure that after the bottles go through the container filler station, they are fully sealed and prepared for their next step in the chain of manufacturing, whether that means selling to a distributor, selling directly to a customer, or otherwise. Using bottle capping equipment from VKPAK will help complete your packaging line and will help ensure that the products you sell are packaged in a high quality manner.

Most cap types may be secured over to a variety of bottle types using VKPAK capping equipment. Our bottle cap machines use cutting-edge technology to reach faster speeds and greater precision than the competition. We manufacture three different styles of capping systems: chuck cappers, spindle cappers, and snap cappers.

Types of Capping Equipment

VKPAK carries several types of capping machines including automatic spindle cappers , automatic chuck cappers, snap cappers and ROPP cappers, Inline spindle screw capping machines are among the most popular models we sell because they are generally easy to changeover without the need for expensive change parts. However chuck cappers offer much better torque consistency and can be configured for high speed rotary capping applications. ROPP capping machines use a blank shell and knurl the threading onto the cap after application to the bottle with special chucks that run the threads on the cap while rotating around it.

Spindle Capping Machines: easy to changeover without the need for expensive change parts.

Spindle cappers are sometimes referred to as roller screw cappers. They work by passing a bottle and its cap between a set of spinning discs that causes the cap to turn in place. Fully automatic capping systems automatically place and torque caps on a container. Spindle cappers cap nearly every shape and size of round lug or screw-type cap, including those with odd tips or trigger tops. Automatic spindle cappers are capable of speeds of up to 200 cpm.

Our automatic spindle screw capping machines are by far the most popular machines for capping most products that take a screw cap. Changeovers are easy with a wide range of bottle and cap sizes. There are also several variations of cap sorters available for flat caps, barrel caps and specialty caps using floor level elevator/sorters, centrifugal feeders, and vibratory feeders. Caps are tightened with 3 pairs of side tightening disks that spin the cap on as the bottle is driven through the disks with side drive hugger belts that keep the bottle stable through the tightening process. The big advantage of an inline capper is its ease of changeover and simplicity of design. The disadvantage of an inline screw capper is, despite improving clutch control options, that torques applied to the cap can be relatively uneven compared to a good chuck capper, and particularly so when higher torque requirements must be met.

Chuck Capping Machines: Cappers with very precise torque control and high speed as rotary cappers

Rather than tightening from the sides as in an inline spindle screw capper a chuck capper has a chuck that firmly grasps the cap and spins the cap onto the bottle from above and therefore the clutching mechanism can be set very accurately to control cap torque. Chuck cappers provide high torque values and work with a variety of cap styles, such as flat caps, oval caps, flip top caps, pull spouts, safety caps, childproof caps, sport caps, and caps with over-caps or induction seals. Chuck capping machines are available from single head to multiple head high speed machines. The big advantage of a chuck capping machine is its scalability for high speed operation and of course its precise torquing of the cap. The disadvantage of a chuck capper is that each bottle size requires change parts, and if the cap sizes change all of the chucks also have to change (not to mention the possibility that sorting and cap conveying might also require change parts). When considering a chuck capping machine, one should seriously consider using the same caps for all bottles on the line, as bottle change parts are relatively inexpensive to changing chucks for a variety of caps.

Snap Capping Machines: For products that press the cap on

Snap capping machines work much like an inline screw capper does except instead of screwing the cap on with side tightening disks an overhead belt the presses the cap in place.

Snap cappers are bottle capping machines that replace the tedious work of manually pressing a closure onto a container until it snaps into place. To prevent spills, repetitive motion injuries, or otherwise general human error in applying this type of cap, a Snap Capping System is recommended. Snap cappers are used to place milk jug caps, dropper inserts, lip balm caps, over caps, “top hat” seals, twist caps with ratcheted rip seals, and a variety of other style closures.

ROPP Capping Machine: A capper that forms the threads while sealing

Many customers ask us what ROPP is and the simple answer is Roll On Pilfer Proof closure. Simply put it is an unthreaded aluminum shell that is placed on and pressed down onto the bottle neck while thread forming wheels spin around the shell and press against it to conform to the existing threads of the bottle and locking ring. In many respects a ROPP capper resembles a chuck capper although since it is not torquing a cap there is no clutch mechanism required. ROPP capping machines are available as a single head to multiple head high speed rotary systems. The big advantage of a ROPP capper is that it is sealing the product at the same time it is providing tamper evident security. The big disadvantage is that it is expensive to run more than one size cap. The neck and threads of the bottle must also be hard enough to withstand the pressure required to form threads such as glass or hard plastic.

ROPP Cappers or Roll-On Pilfer Proof Cappers, form threads and seal an aluminum cap onto a rigid container. ROPP cappers are generally used for wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages that require a tamper-proof cap to show that the bottle has not been opened.

What Are the Most Important Features of Capping Equipment?

At VKPAK we think flexibility, simple changeovers, and dependability (easy to maintain) are some of the most important features of bottle cap machine equipment. A capper that can adjust to handle a range of containers shapes and cap sizes and be upgraded to grow with a customer’s needs will often prove to be a better long term investment. A capper must also be easy to adjust otherwise being able to handle multiple caps and containers wouldn’t be much of a feature. VKPAK cappers are designed to utilize minimal change parts allowing for quick and easy 30 minute changeovers. Finally, a capper must be dependable. VKPAK cappers are designed with as few moving parts as possible and all parts are standardized. Fewer parts mean fewer chances for part failure and easier routine maintenance.

Automated and personalized solutions to close bottles with any kind of cap.

VKPAK designs, builds, and sells automated capping machines to be integrated in existing automatic capping lines.

VKPAK’s capping machines are designed to secure almost any cap type onto a wide assortment of bottles. From screw caps, plastic screw caps, or crown caps: we provide you with the solution you need.

The capping machine can be used to secure the caps of products in diverse industries, we currently provide capping machines to companies operating in the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry

There is an important role of sealing and capping in optimal product packaging. Its protect the product by varieties of caps and seals if capping is done by correct method that only ensure product safety, quality and efficiency. Contact us with the specifics of your project and we will provide you with the automated capping machine that suits your needs.