VK-T802 Semi Automatic Flat Labeling Machine


VK-T802 Semi Automatic Flat Labeling Machine is for various kinds of products labeling , there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid. Suitable for all kinds of products which are flat. The labeling method is applied to realize the labeling of various work pieces on the plane, such as flat bottles of cosmetics, packaging boxes, plastic caps and so on.

The machine adopts high precision intelligent electric eye and extremely reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) for label peeling, label outputting and labeling. Adhesive labels will be adsorbed to the labeling head by air pressure, and then will be labelled on the item. And this machine is equipped with a coding machine, and is able to finish labeling and printing at the same time.Click to view our Code Printer Machine.

After you putting the objects on the instructed position, the machine will finish the labeling process.

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Change the labeling mechanism, it can be applied to uneven surface labeling, such as concave plane, arc surface labeling, etc.; Change the mold, it can be applied to the labeling of various irregular workpieces; The code machine prints the production date and batch number on the label to realize the integration of coding and labeling.

Machine Description:

1. This plane labeling machine is suitable for flat plane surface bottle or item labeling. Max. item size: L200mm, W150mm; Max. label size: L100mm, W150mm; Min. label size: L15mm, W15mm. If your item or label is not in this range, please contact us and provide their parameters and pictures.

2. This flat labeling machine could be used for labeling plane of various flat plane workpieces, including mayonnaise bottles, jam bottles, sauce bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, shower gel bottles, shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles, etc. Can not be used with gold, silver or transparent labels.

3. The whole labeling machine is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with high power vacuum pump and high-quality rubber roller, is beautiful and durable, hard to deformed, which has longer service life.

4. Equipped with screwdriver adjustment sensor, which could achieve the best labeling effect; imported optical fiber for precise positioning; humanized design, with foot pedal control, easy and convenient to use, greatly improving productivity and labeling quality.

5. We provide ONE YEAR warranty for every our customer.

Label Specificationadhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance±0.5mm
Capacity(pcs/min)15 ~ 30
Suit bottle size(mm)L:20~200 W:20~150 H:0.2~120;Can be customized
Suit label size(mm)L: 15-100; W(H): 15-110
Machine Size(L*W*H)≈830*430*820   (mm)
Pack Size(L*W*H)≈880*500*830   (mm)
Voltage220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
N.W (KG)≈45.0
Label RollID: Ø76mm;OD:≤240mm
Air Supply0.4~0.6Mpa

Main Features

  • Powerful function, can be used for labeling of plane, arc surface and concave plane of various workpieces, and can be used for labeling of irregular workpieces;
  • The labeling is accurate and the stability is high. The PLC+ subdivision stepper motor is used to drive the label, and the label feeding is accurate; the unwinding mechanism is equipped with a braking function to ensure that the label is taut and the label is detected accurately; the label bypasses the correction mechanism to prevent the label left and right offset;
  • Durable, the circuit and the gas circuit are arranged separately, and the gas circuit is equipped with a purification device to avoid moisture in the air from damaging the electrical appliances and prolong the life of the equipment; the whole machine is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, and the quality is firm;
  • Easy to adjust, equipped with adjustable height and low stroke function, labeling products of different heights, no need to repeatedly replace the fixture;
  • Beautiful appearance, using the bottom computer white battery box, with stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance, improve the equipment grade;
  • With manual/automatic labeling control methods, workers can choose to use sensors or foot steps to realize labeling control according to their needs; set manual and automatic control buttons, and the length of the label can be adjusted arbitrarily;
  • Optional functions and components: thermal coding/printing function; automatic feeding function; automatic material receiving function (considered with the product); special label sensor.
  • Hot coding (ribbon coding machine) {standard content: production date, expiration date, product batch number}


1. Labeling on the flat surface of various items

2. Labeling on the flat surface of square bottles filled by cosmetics and Drugs

3. Labeling or anti-counterfeit labeling on the flat surface of various kinds of boxes

4. Labeling on the surface of LCD screen, electronic components, and is widely applied in many industries, such ascosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, food and medicine.


Work Process

Core working principle: The sensor detects that the product is in place or the foot is stepped on to send a signal of the product in place, the suction head that sucks the label drops the label and covers the label, and then returns to the original position to absorb the next label, waiting for the next labeling signal. The attachment action is completed.

Operation process: put the product -> judge in place (equipment detection control or manual control) -> label and cover the label (automatic realization of the equipment) -> take out the labelled product.

1Label Trayplace the label roll.
2Rollerwind the label roll.
3Label Sensordetect label.
4Cylinderdrive labeling head to complete labeling.
5Product Fixturecustom-made,fix product while labeling.
6Labeling Headget label and stick to pointed position.
7Traction Devicedriven by traction motor to draw the label.
8Release Paper Recyclingrecycle the release paper.
9Emergency Stopstop the machine if it runs wrong
10Electric Boxplace electronic configurations
11Touch Screenoperation and setting parameters
12Air Circuit Filterfilter water and impurities
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