Automatic Piston Filling Machine


Piston fillers measure and dispense free flowing products – such as thin and/or moderately dense liquids – onto a container. Each machine is equipped with one or more volumetric pistons. Each fill/release cycle consists of an intake stroke, where the product is withdrawn from the container or hopper and taken into the product cylinder. The down stroke commences as soon as the product cylinder has reached its predetermined fill level. The piston pushes the product out of the cylinder and into the container.

Our piston fillers provide clean drip free depositing and adds precision in your product lines. We configured our piston fillers to deposit accurate amounts of sauces, stews, batters, meat/sauce mixtures, and pastes every single time. As a result, our piston fillers and depositors deliver the highest product fill accuracy, with the lowest level of product degradation in the industry.

Spills, drips, and container overflows may be common in food filling lines, but not when you use piston fillers from VKPAK. What’s more, your staff will have more time on their hands as our equipment doesn’t need looking after every minute of the day. We make sure our machines do as they should: Enhance your process so your workers can be free to perform other, more important tasks.

Model: VK-PF

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1. Servo Drive System

The VK-PF series volumetric filling system utilizes the delicate servo drive system to control the main filling structure, achieving high stability and precise positioning. With the vertical movement of the filling piston provides long term energy saving and also effectively reduces machine load rate.

2. Tool-Free Adjustment

Adjustments can be made through the PLC, completely tools-free, giving users a fast and efficient result. The delicate servo control system design provides options for surface layer liquid filling, bottom layer liquid filling, and bottle neck (opening) filling accordingly with different types of liquids.

3. High Accuracy

The delicate servo system controls the filling amount through precise piston strokes, providing high filling accuracy. The piston is intelligently designed with an adjusting mechanism to enable users to obtain ultimate higher accuracy.

4. High Adaptability

The Automatic Servo Filling Machine can be used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and other industries.


Nozzle Number (2-16 Heads)PCS681012
Filling volumeMl100-1000ml/ 250-2500ml/500-5000ml
Production capacityBottle/h1000-3000 pcs/Hour ( Depends on Filling volume)
Quantitative error%≤±1%
VoltageV380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Air PressureMPA0.6-0.8
Air consumptionM3/min0.811.21.2

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1. Controlled by Schneider servo system.

2. Adjustable filling speed

3. Accurate to ≤±1%

4. Integrated digital control with Schneider PLC and high-tech touch screen controls for easy operation.

5. Professional manufacturing techniques using the ISO-9001 system.

6. GMP standard stainless steel.

7. Bottom-up filling for option.

8. Bottle neck location.

9. No bottle-no fill system.

10. Filling zone protected by stainless steel frame

11. Volume is easily adjusted through touch screen. Filling pistons are controlled by servo system.

12. Individual piston adjustment.

13. Digital control system to enable multiple filling actions on the same bottle for double, triple and more.

14. Nozzles can set to be above bottle mouth or bottom up, synchronizing with liquid level (beneath or above) to eliminate bubbling of foamy liquids.

1Servo MotorPanasonic1.5KWJapan
3Conveyor MotorZhenYuYZ2-8024China
4servo driversPanasonicLXM 23DU15M3XJapan
6Touch ScreenSchneiderHMZGXU3500FRANCE
7Frequency ConverterSchneiderATV12H075M2FRANCE
8Photo electricity of Inspect bottleOPTEXBRF-NJapan
9Pneumatic ElementAirtacTaiwan
10Rotary ValveF07/F05No Need for Oil
11Pneumatic actuatorF07/F05No Need for Oil
12Low-Voltage ApparatusSchneiderFRANCE
13proximity switchROKOSC1204-NTaiwan
15Lead ScrewTBITaiwan
16Butterfly valveCHZNAChina

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