Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker labeling machine is a kind of labeling machine classified according to the type of label (for more information, please click: Types Of Labeling Machines), to understand the sticker labeling machine, you need to first understand what is sticker.

What is Sticker?

A sticker is a type of label: a piece of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. They can be used for decoration or for functional purposes, depending on the situation.

Stickers can come in many different shapes and sizes and also vary widely in color and design. They are often adhered to items such as bottles, boxes, bags, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, and so on. Temporary name tags for example are frequently stickers.[From Wiki]

It can be seen that the most obvious feature of sticker is "Self-adhesive / Pressure Sensitive"(Therefore, the sticker labeling machine can also become a self-adhesive labeling machine or a pressure-sensitive labeling machine.), which means that the sticker does not need to consider glue when labeling. Corresponding to the self-adhesive label is the wet glue label

Self-Adhesive Labels VS Wet-Glue Labels

Wet-Glue Labels are labels that are not coated until the time of application. Wet glue labels are exactly as they sound — paper labels that need glue to stick to a product. They’re a common type of label used on all sorts of products and materials. These labels are also called cut-and-stack labels because they’re cut into a specific shape after printing and then stacked.

Unlike self-adhesive labels, which already have the adhesive backing, wet glue labels require a separate label glue or label adhesive. During the labelling process, that glue is applied so the label will adhere to the product.

If you have the need for a shorter run and fewer labels, self-adhesive might be the more suitable material for your product. But if you’re going to have a longer run and larger quantities of labels, wet glue labels are the way to go.

No matter which label type you choose, you can get the same high-quality design and printing finishes. The main difference between choosing wet glue labels or a different type is the process for adhering the label to the product. The outer appearance will still be visually-appealing no matter which type of label you create.

If there is one downside to wet glue labels, it’s that the application process might take a little longer. Because the labels need the addition of glue before they’re placed on the product, it’s an extra step in the process. Once printed and cut, self-adhesive labels are ready to be applied to the product immediately.

I have to mention that the current pandemic is self-adhesive labels; VKPAK mainly produces sticker labeling machines. Of course, VKPAK also provides wet glue labeling machine.

Some sticker labeling machines are designed to apply labels to specific items or products, while others are designed for use with a wide range of packages, containers, and products. There are numerous models currently on the market, made by a variety of manufactures. With so many different types available, it is possible to find the right sticker labeling machine for practically any application.

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Sticker labeling machines are used in an amazing range of industries, from cosmetics, gifts, and mail order to agriculture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Some companies use sticker labeling machines that are small, handheld, and easily portable. Others require heavy-duty sticker labeling machine equipment, capable of automatically dispensing and applying labels without the assistance of an operator. An automatic sticker labeling machine of this type might consist of a special label applicator, a conveyor that moves products and packages, and a built-in control system. As this type or labeling machine can be quite large, it is often used by larger companies with a significant amount of available space.

Types of Sticker Labeling Machine

In order to apply self-adhesive labels to products faster, usually self-adhesive labels are designed as roll labels, and each roll has thousands to tens of thousands of labels.  According to how many products need to be labelled every day, the sticker labeling machine is divided into: manual sticker labeling machine, semi-automatic sticker labeling machine and automatic sticker labeling machine.

Manual Sticker Labeling Machine

Manual sticker labeler is a piece of industrial equipment that dispenses, prints, or applies various labeling elements on your products. Simply put, the design of machine is to enable it to apply different prefabricated labels to your products.



This labeling equipment variant is arguably the most affordable than any other type in the market.

Ideally, its design construction is quite straightforward and does not feature any complicated software program.

Besides, this machine features a few mechanical parts and components.

Manual labeling machine
Manual labeling machine

Easy to maintain
Given that the operation module of this instrument is manual, its running and maintenance cost is quite low. In essence, it hardly requires issues to do with a software upgrade or expensive replacement parts and components.

You can use this specific labeling machine in a wide range of production environments and still attain the ultimate results. Usually, it comes in handy in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, and chemical industries among others.

High reliability
A typical manual bottle labeling machine guarantees reliability since it offers ideal working performance. Moreover, it rarely presents any meaningful breakdowns, making it quite convenient. Similarly, troubleshooting this machine is reasonably easy given it features a simplified structure with less moving parts.

Compact size
This machine is available in relatively small and medium sizes, which is fundamental, especially for low-scale production. Furthermore, the compact size makes it easy to fit in environments with limited spaces. Since the equipment is not bulky, it also implies you can easily move around with it when such needs arise.

Semi Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

A semi-automatic sticker labeling machine is controlled electronically and able to label a wide range of packaging and products.


Easy to use:
because semi-automatic sticker labeling machine tends to be partially automated, it is easy to operate them. You will only be required to initiate the process of labeling and then the semi-automated labeling machine will handle the rest.

Increased production:
as compared to other types of sticker labeling machines which manually label products, this machine can increase production during the process of labeling.

Semi Automatic Labeling Machine
Semi Automatic Labeling Machine
semi-automatic sticker labeling machine can ensure production is increased and at a low input cost. This will, in turn, ensure returns on your investment in a semi-automatic labeling machine.

When you compare the price of a semi-automatic sticker labeling machine with the duration of service. It will prove as an investment that ensures value for your money.

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Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic/fully automatic labeling systems or applicator systems are complete solutions for all industrial labeling tasks.

Automatic labeling machines can be integrated into just about any packaging line, allowing bottles to be quickly and accurately labeled while traveling down a power conveyor. Finally, custom labeling machines can also be manufactured for unique or unusual labeling projects. Accessories are also available to work with the labeling machine, including coders to print right on the label or even on bottles or other containers.

Our automatic pressure sensitive labeling machine provides stable and precise labeling function with high efficiency productivity. It can also adjust labeling position based on product size. Features for mechatronics control, stable and high precise labeling, endurance-long-lasting and endure life time, it is easy set up for label, also leading in lintuitive interface and touch screen for operating, stable and precise labeling performance.

Sticker Labeling Machine
Sticker Labeling Machine


Flexibility and efficiency in labeling requirements
Now, this is the thing; whenever you want to undertake a labeling process on your products, one essential thing you require is efficiency. The other fundamental aspect that this machine brings is flexibility. You see, if you are a relatively large scale producer, it means that from time to time you’ll be labeling different products. Using this type of machine, therefore, gives you the flexibility to alter or adjust the relevant setting to affect the particular labeling product.

To increase production line speed
First of all, you need to understand that nowadays production speed is a key element which even affects the market. What I am trying to say here is that the faster your products get into the market, the higher the chances of increasing sales and generating more revenue. So using an automatic labeling machine, without doubt, will make it possible for you to increase the production line speed.

Reduces labor needs and increases throughput
The fact that you and I cannot run away from is that labor is costly. You see, when you have many people working for you, the chances are high that your turnover will be fairly low. Workers will require salaries, bonuses, breaks, vacation days as well as other compensation. This, however, is not the case when it comes to automatic labelers. So you’ll notice that you save quite a substantive amount of money and at the same time increase the effectiveness of the production process.

Safety improvement labeling
Machines can be dangerous and risky if you fail to handle or operate appropriately. So with an automatic labeler, your safety measures are certain given that most of its parameters are quite simple and easy to interact with. This unit features all the possible safety equipment that puts your safety and that of the products that you’re labeling.

Reduced errors
Apparently, investing in an automatic labeling machine makes it possible for you to reduce the number of errors significantly. Remember this is tech-oriented equipment which comes or rather features several parameters including verification options. This machine also features scanners and imagers which help verify the legibility of the barcodes and texts. So fundamentally, these are some of the key reasons why it would be ideal to invest in this machine and use it in your production plant. As you can see, these reasons are quite sensible, and they go a long way in making sure that you get value for your money.

Discuss according to the products used in self-adhesive labels: common bottle sticker labeling machine, vial sticker labeling machine, single side sticker labeling machine, double side sticker labeling machine etc.

Parts of Sticker Labelling Machine

VKPAK mainly provides automatic self-adhesive labeling machine, here are the main components of a horizontal self-adhesive labeling machine.

Parts of Sticker Labelling Machine
Parts of Sticker Labelling Machine


This refers to the base frame of the machine which forms the structural framework which somehow resembles a block. It plays a critical role in the overall functioning of this unit since it provides support for all the other components and parts. Most of the chassis of this equipment is made of stainless steel material to provide the necessary stability.


It is the part of the machine where the labels are placed before conveyed into the machine for subsequent labeling. Most of the trays are located on the upper side of the machine apparently for easy access and feeding of the labels. It is also made of stainless steel material which is important because it makes it resistant to a wide range of elements like chemicals and unfavorable climate.


This refers to the part which moves the materials from the tray to the machine and later on to the product. It moves the material in a rotating motion which makes it easy for it to come in contact with the surface of the item. A conveyor is important, and it comes with different settings to allow you to figure out the specifications that you need to attain during labeling.

Touch screen display

It is the interface that you use to control all the various parameters and functions of the machine. This display makes it easy for you to monitor the progress and other modules revolving around the labeling machine. It is also crucial since it makes it easy to determine all the functions and other settings of the machine as a way of achieving efficiency.


This is an electric component which helps in running the machine by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The size and the capacity of the motor typically vary from one model to another. But it is always advisable to look into this component when purchasing an auto-labeler because it determines performance in a substantive way. Another important point is to know that different auto-labelers come with a wide range of motors for various functions.

Labeling head

This a whole unit which features various components. It is in other instances known as labeling applicator, and its main function is to place the labels on the surface of the item or container.

Some of the parts which make up the labeling head include the following;

Drive roller
This is apparently the workhorse of the labeling head of any auto-labeler. It works by pulling the web backing hence starting and stopping with every labeling sequence. Most of the drive rollers are relatively similar in all the auto-labelers. The only difference perhaps might arise from the manner it is driven and stopped.

Label sensor
This component helps in detecting the gaps that exist between labels as a way of controlling the system to initiate a label stop sequence. It features an electro-mechanical switch in some models and a capacitive sensor which you need to adjust when changing label stock.

Peel plate
The essence of this part is to separate the label from the backing paper. It works in a manner that the web breaks sharply over the peel plate as the label continues in a straight line.

Dancer’s arm
The role of this component is to help in allowing smooth labels to start. It also keeps web tension as well as acting as a brake for stopping the web unwind roll from overfeeding.


Well, since this machine is automatic, you would expect it to have as many controls as possible. The truth is that you need to understand the various controls of this machine and the effect they have on any function. The controls of this machine come in the form of switches, and in some instances, some are operated from the touchscreen. So you need to know which button plays what function and the easiest way of attaining this is by reading the user manual.

So these are the few but key components of an automatic labeler. Of course, such a machine has many parts that we cannot necessarily discuss here to exhaustion. Nevertheless, you shall become more familiar with them as you continue interacting with the equipment routinely.


Self-adhesive labeling machine is a relatively large concept, including many types of labeling machines. The same point is that the applied labels are all self-adhesive labels. VKPAK has more than 10 kinds of self-adhesive labeling machines, which can solve the labeling needs of bottles, boxes, bags, cards, barrels, etc., and can customize the labeling equipment according to the customer's products. If you have self-adhesive labeling needs, please contact us.

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