VK-T804 Semi Auto High Precision Flat Surface Label Applicator


VK-T804 semi auto high precision flat surface label applicator is suitable for all kinds of specifications square,flat,tiny curved and irregular products high precision and high overlap labeling, such as electronic chip, plastic cover, cosmetic flat bottler, toy cover.

VK-T804 can achieve full coverage labeling,partial accurate labeling, widely used in electron, delicate goods, packaging, cosmetics and packaging materials industries.

The VK-T804 labeling machine has additional functions to add options: an optional color-matching tape coding machine can be added to the label head, and the production batch, production date and expiration date can be printed at the same time. Reduce packaging process, greatly improve production efficiency, special label sensor.

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It is suitable for labeling on the upper plane, arc surface and concave surface of products. The labeling accuracy is as high as (+0.2mm). It is mainly used for precise labeling of electronic components and digital products, such as SD card, mobile phone battery, FPC, mobile phone charger, etc.

VK-T804 is a semi-automatic labeling solution for flat containers including rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins, and much more.

VK-T804 is a semi-automatic label applicator that makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins, and much more. Labels are applied straight without wrinkles or folds in exactly the location desired. This gives finished products a highly professional look and significantly increases the number of containers that can be labeled per hour versus manually applying labels.

VK-T804 Semi Auto High Precision Flat Surface Label Applicator

Machine Description:

VK-T804 adjustment method is simple: adjustment the high of suction board, adjustment the position of label sensor until one label is all pulled out and install the mould that place the products under the suction board. The adjustment of the process is less than 10 minutes.

VK-T804 occupied space about 0.24 stere.

Machine Support Customization.

The VK-T804 labeling machine has simple adjustment methods, high labeling accuracy up to ±0.2mm and good quality, and it is difficult to see the error with the naked eye.

Label Specificationadhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance±0.2mm
Capacity(pcs/min)15 ~ 30
Suit bottle size(mm)L:20~200 W:20~180 H:0.2~75;Can be customized
Suit label size(mm)L: 10-70; W(H): 5-70
Machine Size(L*W*H)≈600*500*800   (mm)
Pack Size(L*W*H)≈650*550*850   (mm)
Voltage220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
N.W (KG)≈45.0
Label RollID: Ø76mm;OD:≤240mm
Air Supply0.4~0.6Mpa

Main Features

  • High precision, the labeling accuracy reaches ±0.2mm, which meets the needs of high-precision labeling;
  • Easy to operate, the actions of label peeling, label feeding, label suction, labeling and label covering are automatically completed, and the labeling process can be completed by manual loading and unloading;
  • Safety, the transmission parts are wrapped, and the circuit and the gas circuit are arranged separately to avoid abnormal occurrence and safer use;
  • High stability, using the electronic control system composed of PLC + subdivision stepper motor + optical fiber sensor, the equipment is stable and supports long-term work;
  • Optional automatic scale turntable device can significantly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and improve the efficiency of labeling;
  • Optional functions and components: ① automatic feeding function; ② automatic material receiving function (considered with the product); ③ other functions (customized according to customer requirements).
VK-T804 Semi Auto High Precision Flat Surface Label Applicator Application


The labeling machine is applied to label all kinds of work pieces, such as flat cosmetic bottles, packaging boxes, plastic caps, etc.Change the marking mechanism, can be applied to uneven surface labeling, such as concave plane, arc surface labeling.

The modified jig can be applied to label various irregular work pieces. Color tape printer or inkjet printer is selected to print the production date and batch number on the label, realizing the integration of coding and labeling.When labeling, the bottle has good stability and the labeling position is accurate; the microcomputer controls the entire process, no bottle is not signed, and the machine has strong anti-interference performance and stable and reliable performance.

VK-T804 Semi Auto High Precision Flat Surface Label Applicator

Work Process

1. After the product is placed in the mold, press the switch, and the machine will pull-out the label out.

2. When one label is all pulled out, the label suction board will adsorb the label, and then the label suction board will move down until the label is glued to the product.

3. Label suction board will return to the original, and the machine will restore, a labeling process is completed.

1Label TrayPlace the label roll
2RollersWind the label roll
3Label SensorDetect label
4Label-sending CylinderSend label below the labeling head
5Label-peeling CylinderDrive the labeling head to get label from the release paper
6Labeling CylinderDrive the labeling head to stick label to pointed position
7Labeling HeadGet label from the release paper and stick to product
8Product FixtureCustom-made,fix product while labeling
9Traction DeviceDriven by traction motor to draw the label
10Release Paper RecyclingRecycle the release paper
11Emergency StopStop the machine if it runs wrong
12Electric BoxPlace electronic configurations
13Touch ScreenOperation and setting parameters
14Air Circuit FilterFilter water and impurities
VK-T804 Details
Intelligent touch screen, imported PLC. Artificial intelligence to realize human-computer interaction.
Imported German Sick electric eye, accurate detection of label position.
Adjust structure. Using fine-tuning base and marking scale lines, the product position can be fine-tuned within millimeters to achieve precise labeling.
Overriding structure, using high density sponge, through the static way of suction, accurate suction and labeling.
Fixtures, according to the products provided by customers, customize exclusive fixtures to further eliminate errors.
Cylinder, the labeling action adopts the combination of cylinder and slide rail to make labeling more smooth.
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