Automatic Single Head Capping Machine


VKPAK’s single head chuck capping machines use the latest technology to automatically place and accurately torque most cap types onto most bottle types. The chuck capping machines can place and torque flat caps, oval caps, flip top caps, pull spouts, safety caps, child proof caps, sport caps, and caps with over-caps or induction seals. The chuck capping machines can handle almost any bottle type or shape including PET, PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, and Glass.

The full automatic bottle capping machines are the full automatic control system machines. It’s specially designed for bottles/jars/cans/buckets screw cap twist off capping. It consist of cap unscrambler and loading, twist off torqueing automatically. It’s widely apply in food, chemical, pharmacy factories.

Model: VK-SHC

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Automatic single head screw capping machine adopts inverter control, mechanical drive applications cam principle, circle disc splitter positioning, the implementation of the circular screw cap capping. Load cover and capping are automatic. Capping sheet structure with a magnetic composition, not to hurt the caps. The screw capping head is easy to disassemble, different cover and bottle just replace parts. It is a multi-purpose machine. Can with filling machine, labeling machine composition production line. It is the best equipment in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Mainly used for a variety of round plastic caps, aluminum caps, iron screw caps capping for different shaped bottle.


Simple operation, with separate control box,The bottle clamping mechanism increases the speed and increases the stability of the bottle when it is capped.

1Capping Head1 Head
2Production Capacity12-30BPM depending on bottle sizes and shapes
3Bottle HeightUp to 460MM
4Cap DiameterUp to 70MM
5Voltage/Power220VAC 50/60Hz 450W
6Driven wayServo Motor
7InterfaceDALTA Touch Screen
8Spare PartsCapping Head

Machine Features:

1. Human-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control, easy operation, automatic counting.

2. Servo control, the torque is controllable, and the capping force can be adjusted on the touch screen, thereby adjusting the tightness of the capping.

3. Equipped with imported photoelectric sensor, no bottle without capping, and built-in shutdown protection function.

4. It is made of 304 (metal wire drawing) stainless steel, and aluminum alloy is used for anti-oxidation treatment. Beautiful appearance, long service life, fully comply with GMP requirements.

Working Video

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Configuration List

Touch screenMCGS
electromagnetic valveAirTAC
Pneumatic componentsAirTAC

Automatic single head screw capping machine can work with wide shaped of containers like round, square, and triangular with least format part for cap and bottles. The most distinctive feature of machine is "No Bottle – No Cap system" & "Safety clutches at feedworm", "Automatic cap feeder on off system". Depending upon type of screw cap / closure, machine can be integrated with mechanical cap feeder orientator or vibrator cap feeder. As an option, waterfall type elevator also available for mass storage of Screw cap.

What is a Capper or Capping Machine?

A capping machine is used to securely apply plastic or metal threaded caps, lids, snap caps, plugs and other similar closures to bottles or containers at low and extremely high speeds. Not only can Capping Machines save a product line time and money, Cappers also contribute to maintaining a sanitary work space.

How do they work?

A full capping system includes a cap hopper, cap elevator, cap sorter and the actual capping machine. Boxes of caps, lids, plugs or other closures are poured into the cap hopper. The cap elevator slowly feeds the closures into the cap shoot or sorting bowl in order increase the efficiency of the entire cap delivery system. The sorting bowl is used to orient them correctly before sending the caps down a shoot to the capping machine for secure placement on the bottle or container. VKPAK also offers a cap sorter hopper elevator that eliminates the need for a sorting bowl when applicable.

What are the different types of Cappers?

This single head capping machine is a linear chuck capping machine.

Spindle Cappers: Spindle cappers are sometimes referred to as roller screw cappers. They work by passing a bottle and its cap between a set of spinning discs that causes the cap to turn in place. Fully automatic capping systems automatically place and torque caps on a container. Spindle cappers cap nearly every shape and size of round lug or screw-type cap, including those with odd tips or trigger tops. Automatic spindle cappers are capable of speeds of up to 200 cpm.

Chuck Cappers: Chuck cappers work by placing a cap onto a bottle or container, then sending it through the machine where moving parts spin the cap so it is sealed tightly. The best part about this capper is the bottle or container stay in continuous motion so the line never needs to stop.

Single head cappers: Single head cappers are similar to rotary chuck cappers, however, this capper completely stops the bottle or container at stations to spin the caps onto the container while the bottle/container remains stationary. Depending on your needs, this can be designed to be inline, keeping your bottles on the main conveyor, or with a star wheel that takes your bottle or container off the line to secure the cap and then returns it to the line.

Snap Cappers/ Lidders: Snap Cappers and Lidders most commonly use a vacuum collet to pick up the lid and then press the snap-on cap or lid onto each bottle or container as it passes through the machine.

Servo Cappers: Technically, any of our cappers could be upgraded to become a servo driven capper. Servo is an upgraded motor used in capping machines developed for more flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. This feature specifically offers better spindle control, precise application torque, tighter torque tolerances and real time feedback to users. Though not needed for every application, it serves as a great benefit for some. (Most of the capping machines made by VKPAK use servo motors to control torque to achieve higher precision.)



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