Automatic ROPP Capping Machine


Many customers ask us what ROPP is and the simple answer is Roll On Pilfer Proof closure. Simply put it is an unthreaded aluminum shell that is placed on and pressed down onto the bottle neck while thread forming wheels spin around the shell and press against it to conform to the existing threads of the bottle and locking ring. In many respects a ROPP capper resembles a chuck capper although since it is not torquing a cap there is no clutch mechanism required. ROPP capping machines are available as a single head to multiple head high speed rotary systems. The big advantage of a ROPP capper machine is that it is sealing the product at the same time it is providing tamper evident security. The big disadvantage is that it is expensive to run more than one size cap. The neck and threads of the bottle must also be hard enough to withstand the pressure required to form threads such as glass or hard plastic.

The VK-RC automatic capping machine is designed for closing various types of containers (made of plastic, glass and metal) with aluminum caps. The machine is especially suitable for use in the food-processing, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Model: VK-RC

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The capper is the automatic capping machine which is designed to tighten pilfer proof cap for wine bottles, olive oil bottles, drinks bottles etc. It is suitable for φ18-34mm bottle caps (Equipment can be customized according to lid diameter). The automatic operation helps you save labor and reduce production error.

The capping machine is a suitable equipment for roll-press-sealing the aluminum caps for the plastic bottle, pet bottle, as well as glass bottle. It processes the screw-press capping for the bottle under the rolling press from hobs, automatically feeding bottle, caps, removing the reverse caps. The capped bottle favors the characteristics like the stable capping effect, convenient uncapping, so that it function as conterfeit and anti-theft.
Ropp Capping Machine Application
The machine can be equipped with different types of cap unscrambler (vibrating, rotary, belt type) depending on the type and size of the cap. For feeding the caps into the cap unscrambler the caps hopper is available.

For placing difficult caps onto the container neck the "Pick and Place" system can be used.

Working Function:

The containers are transferred to the star wheel by means of the conveyor. The star wheel (indexing type for one-head capper or continuous motion for multiple-head capper) takes the containers and carries them to the caps placing station and than to the closing head. The closing head tightens the cap with the necessary torque (if the head is of the pressure type, it will press the cap on the bottle neck by means of a spring unit). The torque can be set on the closing head by means of magnetic clutch. After completion of the closing process, the star wheel moves the container to next station for press the black small cap, after that the star wheel moves the container to the finish products conveyor.


1. The machine integrates automatic cover, upper cover and automatic screw cap. The production speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2. Applicable bottle shape has round, square, various shapes, etc., and has strong applicability;

3. the replacement of different specifications of the bottle, the lid is simply adjusted, easy to operate;

4. the use of world-renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life.

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Capping head (1/2/4/6 etc) and Machine shell (dust cover) can be customized
The number of capping heads determines the capacity

2.Capacity1500 b/h
3.Suitable capmetal ROPP cap
4.Yield of cap99%
6.Power consumption0.8KW


1. The structure of the machine is reasonable and compact, the operation is stable, the operation is flexible, and the specification conversion adjustment is convenient.

2. The bottle is provided with an adjustable buffer turntable.

3. aluminum cover cover speed is adjustable.

4. there is automatic start and stop function.

5. This machine is a general-purpose capping machine designed on the basis of the domestic and foreign capping machines for the current diversity of caps.

6. The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the degree of automation is high, the stability is good, the adjustment is convenient, no spare parts are needed when replacing the bottle type or the cover, and the qualified rate of the screw cap is high.

7. This machine can be applied to food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries.

Unscramble cover:

The lid is manually placed in the extractor and the lid extractor automatically arranges the lid into the lid recess. The cover is blown into the guide ring of the gland column with the aid of compressed air.

Cover slot:

The glass bottle is smoothly fed into the dial wheel by the conveyor belt. The vibrating plate sends the aluminum cover to the wearing station through the hopper and the track. The bottle dial is used to put the bottle into the cover and then sent to the rolling station; the ring around the station center The cap is pressed by the cam to press the cap.

Screw cap mould:

The bottle holder starts to rotate at a high speed with a glass bottle, so that the aluminum cover tightly covers the bottle mouth.Cap - turning die adopts four - claw balanced head sealing, uniform force, beautiful sealing and other advantages.

Sealed finished product:

When the capping head rotates to the highest point of the cam, it gradually separates from the glass bottle. The bottle is pulled out from the bottle dial and enters the bottle exiting track, thereby completing the entire capping process and achieving the desired capping effect.

This machine finds its application in metal capping,our engineer conducts rigorous quality test to ensure the supreme quality and performance of the machines. These machines are robust in construction, high in tensile strength and easy to operate.We offer this automatic capping machine in different specifications and can be customized per the requirements of the clients.
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