Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine


The vertical round bottle sticker labeler is designed to achieve a rationalized production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, the labeling position is uniform, beautiful, and tidy; it is suitable for the round container labeling in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and can be labeled on the whole circle and half circumference. Optional ribbon coder and printer, labeling at the same time to achieve print production batch number, production date and other information. To achieve the integration of labeling and coding, reduce packaging processes and increase production efficiency.

The machine is adapted advanced technology in the world.

1. Touch screen and PLC control.
2. Around 30 memory recipes for labeling parameters easy for change bottle size.
3. Low or missing label detect.
4. Synchronized speed selection
5. Servo motor drive for high accuracy and high speed
6. No bottle no labeling.

Model: VK-VRL

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VK-RL vertical round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine is designed to achieve reasonable production goals. The labeling process is automatic operation, simple operation, fast production speed, uniform, beautiful and neat labeling position; it is suitable for the labeling of round containers in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and can be pasted all round and half circle. Optional color belt printer and inkjet printer, labeling at the same time to achieve printing production batch number, production date and other information. Realize the integration of labeling and inkjet printing, reduce the packaging process and improve the production efficiency.

It is suitable for labeling round bottles such as PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles. widely used in cosmetic, beverages, food, medicine and other industries, greatly improving productivity and labeling quality.

Model / technical parametersVK-RL
Labeling speed (pcs/min)40-100 (relate to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy(mm)±1.0mm (material and label sizes are not counted in)
Label size(mm)(L)20-300mm (H)25-140mm
Material size (mm)Φ20-φ100mm (H)40-200mm
Roll inside(mm)φ76mm
Roll outer diameter(mm)Max: Φ320mm
Machine size (mm)(L)2000×(W)850×(H)1450(mm)
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W (Can be customized)


Manual placement of pasted products (on-line or bottle handling turntable) >> automatic separation and correction and transportation of products >> product testing >> product labeling >> collection of labeled products (entering the next process) >> taking away products.

Working Principle:

After the bottles enter the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, the bottles are fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed. The mechanical fixing device separates the pasted objects by a fixed distance and pushes the pasted objects along the direction of the conveyor belt. After the mechanical system (driving wheel, labeling wheel and reel), the driving wheel intermittently pulls the label belt to move, and the label is pulled out from the reel and pasted on the object to be pasted through the labeling device.

Equipment Advantages:

1. The adjustment is simple, and the front and rear, left and right, up and down directions, plane inclination angle and vertical plane inclination angle adjustment seats are configured. There is no dead angle for different bottle shape switching, which meets the GMP production requirements;

2. Automatic bottle separation, effectively eliminate bottle separation caused by bottle error and improve stability;

3. It has automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no production within the set time, the equipment will automatically turn to the power saving standby state), prompt function of production number setting, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting is divided into authority management), which is convenient for production management;

4. Powerful function, color touch screen control, Chinese and English optional operation interface, convenient and intuitive, powerful data memory function, can store 50 groups of labeling parameters, with production counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production management, different product labeling switch can be realized by one key, without repeated debugging, simple and fast Good fault prompt and help function;

6. High Stability. The imported first-line brand is adopted for the measuring standard and measuring object sensor, with high detection sensitivity, stable performance and durability; the stable and durable frame and various parts adopt standardized modular design with complete interchangeability and 24-hour operation to ensure safety and stability.

7. It is safe and hygienic. The case is made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy. It will never rust and meet the GMP excellent manufacturing standard;

Optional Functions and Components:

1. Code Printer: The hot printer can print the date of production, expiration date, batch number, etc. Marking and labeling are synchronized to improve production efficiency.

2. Inkjet Printer: It can match the mainstream inkjet printer in the market, spray code at the designated position of the label, and perfectly combine with the labeling machine.

3. Universal Sensor: Ordinary sensor can not detect transparent label, so it must be used with special electric eye imported from Germany.

4. Reader: Read two-dimensional code, bar code and other information, easy to establish product database for product traceability.



Serial NumberNameITEMBrandCountry of Origin
3Labeling motor1PanasonicJapan
4Labeling motor driver1PanasonicJapan
5Conveying motor1JianmingShanghai China
6Conveyor motor frequency converter1SiemensGermany
7Bottle dividing motor1JSCCGermany
8Bottle dividing motor controller1JSCCGermany
9Label motor1JSCCGermany
10Label motor controller1JSCCGermany
11Low voltage electrical apparatus1SchneiderFrance
12Label sensor1OMRONJapan
13Labeling sensor1OMRONJapan
14Synchronous toothed belt1BandoJapan
15Pneumatic components1AirTACTaiwan, China
16Conveyor belt1LilaiShanghai China
17frame1Shanghai China
18system integration1Shanghai China
Bottle separation correction mechanism: motor control, automatic adjustment of bottle distance, direction, ensure all the time;

Label power mechanism: the servo motor is used as the power, and the eccentric mechanism is used to press the label paper to do the dynamic rolling, and the label stripping board is used to draw the label at the same time.

Pull label mechanism: motor control and conveyor belt synchronization, output label.

Receiving mechanism: motor control, synchronous with conveyor belt and label pulling mechanism to collect label bottom paper.

Label roller device: beautiful and elegant, dust-proof, easy to replace label.

Label stripping mechanism: it can adjust the position of label pulling off, the position of label pulling off and sending can be adjusted quickly, and the label changing is convenient.

Photoelectric detection: control bottle and label one by one, no label without bottle, no label repeated.

PLC man-machine touch control screen: simple, convenient, easy to learn.

Alarm system: sound and light alarm device, production supervision more convenient, emergency stop button, maximum protection of personnel safety.

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