Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine


This Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine is used for closing plastics screw caps, especially for the caps which with lock ring. It is widely used in industries like foodstuff, pharmacy, daily chemical, cosmetic, fertilizer etc.

1. This automatic rotary capping machine is protective automatic capping machine and control by PLC program, it can automatically arrange lid, taking lid and sending lid, it will grasp lid then capping.

2. The machine is a multi-functional lid-revolver not only revolving lid but also pressing lid. Especially for the lid which fits with the bottle mouth too tight and has interior anti-lock ring.

3. The cap can automatically slip after pressing tightened to ensure do not damage the cap, capping speed fast, high pass rate.

Model: VK-RC-6

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This machine combines bottle-in, cap-sorter, cap-elevator,capping and bottle-out altogether in one. Suitable for all kinds of plastic bottles, glass metal bottles, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The rotary structure ,catching the lid in the certain position, stable and reliable. It does no harm to bottle and lid. High capping efficiency, high qualified rate of capping, and wide application which enjoys good competitiveness that can be compared with foreign products. It is applicable to varies size of glass and plastic bottles and caps. The whole machine is controlled by the PLC, touch screen interface and convenient operation.

It has 6 capping heads, can automatically sending bottle, cap sorting, grasp cap and capping. Capping head use pneumatic tighten the caps,it will not damage the bottle and caps during capping. Bottle feed screw, rotary mould, capping heads are all moulded production, easy to assemble and remove wire, simple and convenient to replace when change bottle shapes. Parts of long service life, smooth operation, low noise, wide range of application, high screw rate.The surface has been polished, beautiful and generous, the machine production speed is adjustable, conducive to assembly line, is the ideal choice of the large, medium-sized packing workshop.


1. The main engine can use motor to adjust the height.

2. Modular design,which allows you to switch bottle specifications in 10 minutes without using a tool.

3. The cap torque can be adjusted to ensure that the torque does not hurt the cap.

4. Double optical sensors of cap sorter check the cap to ensure the accuracy of the cap.

5. The machine can be equipped with slanting cover, no cover, no aluminum foil removal inspection device.

Technical Parameter

No.ItemTechnical Data
1Capacity3000-4000BPH for 1L bottles
2Cap’s Diameterφ20-φ55mm
3Filling Head6
5Voltage220V 50HZ

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1. The whole machine can automatically complete bottle feeding, capping, upper capping, capping, and finished product transportation, and the whole process is automatic.

2. It adopts PLC programmable controller of international famous brand, with adjustable speed frequency and automatic counting function.

3. Adopt linear screw bottle feeding (specifically according to the sample bottle), the bottle feeding is continuous and smooth, no bottle clamping and bottle breaking phenomenon, to ensure the orderly, stable, smooth and safe bottle feeding.

4. Adopting automatic lid management system, linear track conveying and automatic lid loading.

5. This machine can operate alone or in line with other equipment to form an automatic production line for filling and sealing.

6. Adopt brand human-machine interface touch screen control, data display at a glance, convenient operation.

7. The whole machine body appearance is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

8. The internal part of the capping head and the contact part of the lid are made of flexible material to ensure that the capping head will not bruise and damage the lid when capping.

1Touch ScreenWEINVIEWTaiwan
5Reducer motorZIGUANGChina

Spare Parts List

1Claw seat hoop spring6 pieces
2Claw seat pin6 piece
3Lifting spring (up, down)8 pieces
4Friction tablets (Bakelite plate)8 piece
5Tools kit1 set
6Tools box1 piece
7Instruction1 piece
Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine Details
The automatic rotary high-speed capping machine is a mature product developed and produced by our company for many years. The design of this machine adopts a linear screw to feed the bottle, and the disc (bottle star wheel) positions the bottle for continuous movement. The capping head performs automatic capping on the positioned bottles. The whole machine runs stably and efficiently, and the production speed is adjustable by frequency conversion. This machine has strong practicability and high production efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for pressing,screwing and sealing bottle caps in food, health products, daily chemicals and other industries.
Capper Head
The rotary structure, using dedicated cap-catcher to grab lid, stable and reliable. Cap-catcher is designed inside a wear-resistant rubber, can effectively eliminate the injury lid in the capping process.
Inspecting sensor is installed on the bottle-dividing part. This can realize no bottle, no cap. The machine will automatically stop if the bottles are stuck.
A clutch structure is installed in the transmission part. It will alarm if there is stuck in the star wheel part.
Patented transmission technology adopted ,ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment.
The design of swirl reducing knife, tightening and swirl reducing pad under the bottle design can be applicable to the swirl reducing of all kinds of glass and plastic caps.
A sensor in the bottle-out side can check the capping result of the bottles, the qualified bottles can go through, and the unqualified bottles will be kicked out to another conveyor. The machine will stop automatically if there is stuck at the bottle-out side.
Auto-kicking out device installed on the conveying belt can remove the back side lid, non-aluminum lid. So the qualified rate are ensured. Meanwhile, photoelectricity sensor added to the belt will alarm automatically when the lid-tank is full.
The elevating structure is electricity driven. Only one button in the touch screen can adjust the height. Fast changing mode with star wheel design , plus with the dimension marks makes changing different type of bottles easier.
Bottle Cap Feeder
With the cap feeder, make sure all upset caps drop to the bucket. No nude orbit adopted solving the lid-stuck problem efficiently.
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