When we receive an inquiry from customer, important to know the details about requirements, bottle or container samples and the factory layout, then we will offer a professional quotation, normally takes less 5 days. VKPAK made the liquid bottling equipment according to the confirmed solution which including the layout of the liquid bottling line, machine parameters, technical sheets, fetures, main components list, especially the layout of the line is very important. Confirmation the solution is a strict and important step to order packaging equipments, it can protect double benefits. VKPAK service some big brand companies, we have much experience on these, it is a working attitude, also a working mothed to gurantee the customer profits.VKPAK Pre-Sales Sales Team
When the solution is approved, our engineer team will design the equipments or whole liquid bottling line according to the offers, the users factory layout, products features, container size ect. Most of our bottling equipments are customized, so during the past 10 years, we already have rich experience on designing the full line, especially in the cosmetics, daily chemicals. For the cosmetics packaging containers have difference types and shapes, the standard equipment often can not meet the customer requirements.VKPAK Engineer & Sales Team
VKPAK strictly manufactured the bottling machines according to our offer, all the technicians worked in this fields more than 6 years, and more than 10 years in automation fields.And an effectively production system help us save production and guarantee machine assembly quality.VKPAK Manufacturing & Engineer Team
Every our machines will be tested before shipping, we will do the FAT, and send to our customer, it is not only a FAT documents, also including testing video, training video, operation video. Normally, we will running the machines in our factory more than 24 hours.

The FAT is not only checking the machine running stage, also checking if it is apply the industry standard, such as GMP, ISO, URL……VKPAK Sales & Manufacturing Team

Training is including in our service, we will train the users how to operate, maintain the machines, and will teach them what is the points need to care, and how to clean the machine, what is needing attention,etc.

We have some users, no technicians, no any Knowledge on running and operation machines. VKPAK will help you solve this issue. it is faster than employ and saving more cost. A liquid filling operation specialist will save time, cost and increaing the production efficient.VKPAK Sales & Engineer Team

Good quality packaging of machine will Reduce the shipping risks.and the packaging will save your shipping cost, it will decide if booking a 20FC or 40FC or LCL. We have professional team do this job, they will make a drawing on a CAD to simulation loading a container.

How are choose a packaging types? it depends on the equipments, but basically, strong packagings is a must.VKPAK Sales & After Sales Team

Maintaining service and quality are both important, most of our customers have a long term cooperation is base on the maintaining service and quality of the machines. if the budget is not big difference, 99% of the visitor will choose our machines and our service.

Maining the equipments similar to maintaining a car, it is a must job, good and regular maintaining the equipment will make the machines working in good stage, running long life.VKPAK Sales & After Sales Team