Automatic Top and Bottom Flat Labeling Machine


The Automatic Top and Bottom Labeling Machine is specially designed and manufactured according to the principle and technical requirements of automatic labeling. It is especially suitable for surface labeling of small round bottles; it has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, fast labeling speed, smooth and beautiful labeling and strong adaptability. It is the best product in modern labeling machinery.

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The type upper and lower self-adhesive labeling machine can automatically put the label on the designated position of the bottle; at the same time, it can print the batch number, production date and output count. When there is a shortage of bottles, the control system guarantees that labels are not sent, effectively preventing label waste, and can steplessly adjust the labeling speed according to the production characteristics of each factory, so as to ensure that the machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other machines. In line use, the labeling components can make bottles with uneven surfaces get satisfactory labeling results. This type labeling machine can adapt to round bottles of various specifications, colors and materials, so the machine is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, beverage, daily chemical products and other industries.

1Labeling speed30-100 pieces/minute (the specific value is related to the size of the object and the label and the coding situation)
2Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
3Inner diameter of label rollФ76mm
4Maximum outer diameter of label rollФ300mm
5Power220V±5%  50/60Hz
7Package Size3100mm×1100mm×1500mm
1. The entire electronic control system is controlled by PLC.

2. The most critical part of the labeling machine is the label feeder, our label feeder uses the Tamagawa stepper motor in Japan to ensure higher accuracy and better stability.

3. The role of the label feeder is to pull the label.

4. The pressing roller matched with the driving roller has the function of automatically adjusting the parallel, which can ensure that the pressing roller and the driving roller are parallel and tightly adhered together, and the phenomenon of label slant will not occur.

5. The working status and faults of this machine have reminder and warning functions.

6. With tag management and product counting functions, it can count the usage and remaining amount of tags.

1. Coding machine: Hot coding machine prints the production date, expiration date, production batch number, etc. Coding and labeling are synchronized to improve production efficiency.

2. Inkjet printer: it can be matched with the mainstream inkjet printers on the market, and the inkjet printer can print at the designated position of the label, which is perfectly combined with the labeling machine.

3. Universal sensor: Ordinary sensors cannot detect transparent labels, and must be used with special electric eyes imported from Germany.

4. Reader: read information such as QR codes and barcodes to facilitate the establishment of product databases for product traceability.

1Human-machine interface HIM1setSiemens
2Programmable controller PLC1setPanasonic
3Labeling motor1setPanasonic
4Labeling motor driver1setSiemens
5Conveying motor1set Shanghai Jianming
6Conveyor motor inverter1set Shanghai Jianming
7 Low-voltage electrical appliances1setSchneider
8 label sensor1setOMRON
9Labeling sensor1setOMRON
10Synchronous toothed belts1setBando
11Pneumatic component1setYadeke
12Conveyor belt1setShanghai Lilai
13Rack1set 304 stainless steel
14System Integration1setVKPAK
15Pneumatic component1setFesto