Semi-automatic labelling machines, as the name implies, are labelling systems that require manual intervention. VKPAK offers a range of semi-automatic label applicator that are particularly suitable for small companies or individuals.

Semi-automatic labeling machines, also known as semi-automatic units, are electronically controlled systems that are suitable for labeling a wide range of products and packaging with different types of self-adhesive labels. They are the best solution for labeling small production quantities and batch numbers.

Unlike with fully automatic labeling machines, the labeling process on semi-automatic labeling systems is initiated by an operator. The product is inserted into the machine by hand in just a few steps and labeling is initiated manually. The product is then removed again by hand.

VKPAK offers several different options for starting the labeling process. Using the popular two-handed operation mode, the labeling process is initiated using two separate buttons that have to be pressed simultaneously. A further available option is to use a foot switch to start the labeling process.

You can choose from the following semi-automatic labeling machines:

Our VK-T801 is the perfect solution for all kinds of cylindrical, tapered objects labeling, such as xylitol, cosmetics bottles, wine bottles.

VK-T802 Labeling is carried out by means of suction and sticking to achieve labeling on the plane of various work pieces, such as cosmetic flat bottles, packaging boxes, plastic cover labeling, etc. Change the labeling mechanism, which can be applied to uneven surface labeling, such as labeling of concave planes and circular planes.

VK-T803 is the perfect solution for all kinds of flat / slightly arc surface labeling, such as flat bottle, cosmetics boxes, plastic cap labeling, etc.

VK-T804 is the perfect solution for all kinds of flat / slightly arc surface labeling demands high precision, such as SD card, mobile phone batteries, FPC, mobile phone charger, etc.

VK-T805 is the perfect solution for all kinds of round,square and irregular shaped objects wrap around labeling.

VK-T806 is the perfect solution for all kinds of double side labeling, such as flat bottle, cosmetics boxes, plastic cap labeling, etc.

Another option we offer is sort of a slight leap beyond semi-automatic applicators: Automatic Tabletop Labelers. These automatic labelers are condensed versions of the larger automatic labelers found elsewhere on this site. They are available as a Top Labeler (for flat products or caps) or Wrap Labeler for round products.

What functions does a semi-automatic unit provide?

With semi-automatic labeling:

  • The label reels are unwound.
  • The backing paper is wound up.
  • Adhesive labels are applied to various objects.

Semi-automatic label application is an excellent entry point into the world of automation for your supply chain. The type of application is an economical solution for businesses looking to streamline their labeling process. No matter what you need to label, we have the right label application solution for you. Not only do semi automatic labeling machines provide an economical solution for businesses, they are also built just like the rest of labeling machines.

No matter the machine you need for your business, know that VKPAK has the solution. All of our label applicators are made with stainless steel and anodized aluminum to ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

The complete device can be configured with individual settings. For example, semi-automatic labeling units can be equipped with a printing unit if required. This allows the user to print adhesive labels with, for example, lines of text, changing dates, barcodes, expiration dates and batch numbers.

Semi-Automatic VS Automatic Labeling Machines?

Both types of machines automate label application. The difference between them is in how they are loaded and activated.

The labeling process on semi-automatic labeling systems is initiated by an operator. The product is inserted into the machine by hand in just a few steps and labeling is initiated manually. The product is then removed again by hand.

Automatic applicators have a system to position the container before applying the label. Once in place, the label is applied. Some automatic label applicators can also reposition the container multiple times to apply several labels.

So ultimately, choosing the right machine is a matter of balancing up-front costs with operating costs and considering flexibility, as necessary.

VKPAK manufactures automatic and semi-automatic industrial labeling machines to label every type of container for all industries (food, beer, cosmetics, e-liquid, etc.)

VKPAK's range of labeling machines can be used for labeling on-the-fly, while rotating, on sides, top and bottom of products in accordance with required production rate.

Our automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines are suitable for labeling products of all shapes and sizes: cylindrical, tapered, square, rectangular, flat, etc.

Our customer service is second to none, and we are driven to deliver a smooth, seamless transition from semi automatic to automated labeling. We can conduct an onsite visit, aid in installation and ensure that you receive the support needed to get your facility running at full speed.

Which Parts Make Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine?

The parts which make a semi-automatic labeling machine include:

Feeding hopper: it is the point where materials are introduced into the semi-automatic labeling machine and it operates systematically. It is important to ensure caution, accuracy, and precision when introducing materials into the system for labeling.

Labeling plate: it is where labels are put for the semi-automatic labeling machine to pick and print on the product’s surface.

Date printer: it makes it possible in printing dates such as manufacture and expiry dates outside the label.

Labeling station: it is the section where the actual labeling of products happens and it features two parts, labeling pad, and head. It may feature a clear display to make it possible to see the label which is being applied.

Control panel: it enhances and dictates the efficiency of a semi-automatic labeling machine by making the entire process within your control. This part comprises most of the configurations and adjustments of the semi-automatic machine.

Safety system: the semi-automatic labeling machine has emergency buttons that can be accessed easily.
It also contains insulation of all electrical wires.

Drive mechanism: it entails motion of the semi-automatic machine and is made up of:

Conveyor: it serves the purpose of moving the products from one part of the semi-automatic machine onto another part for enhanced labeling.

Roller system: it helps several components of the semi-automatic labeling machine to stay and move in the right position

Motor: it tends to power the entire semi-automatic labeling machine through the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

How Does Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine Work?

The operation procedure of a semi-automatic labeling machine tends to solely depend on the components which make it up.

A semi-automatic labeling machine operates in the following ways:

First, you should feed the products into the semi-automatic labeling machine. It is important to ensure that the feeding is synchronized with the process of labeling.

Next, by use of the conveyor system, the products are moved to the label distribution area for adequate spacing. This ensures that they are ready for labeling.

Still, while on the conveyor belt, the products are then automatically labeled in the labeling box. Once at this point, the speed of the semi-automatic labeling machine may be reduced to make sure that the labeling is accurate.

Finally, the products will then exit the semi-automatic labeling machine once they have been labeled well.