Automatic Corrosive Liquid Filling Machine


The Anti-Corrosion PP inline liquid filling machine is a newly improved product by our company, is 3rd version for filling machines we made. It is developed wholly in anti-corrosion standard. It is a high-tech filling equipment which is a combination of microcomputer (PLC) controlled photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator.

It is specially used for high corrosive liquid, such as bleach liquid, 84 disinfection liquid, toilet clean fluid, bleach liquid and so on. And also has a function of Dive filling, which depend on buyers, also we can make it no drive filling. With features, such as precise filling volume, no drip, photoelectric detection, no filling when without bottle.

Model: VK-FF

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(1) Machine is made of anti-corrosive PP material, not made of PVC and stainless steel,including tank / body / filling nozzles / screws. Machine filling nozzles are made of PE, the best for anti-corrosive. Filling nozzles in newest design –made of PE and sealed well. (Optional: Titanium alloy for filling nozzles)

(2) Machine PLC is in Japan Mitsubishi.

(3) Machine is in GRAVITY FILLING type, which works for NOT sticky , but high corrosive liquid.

(4) Machine size: 2000×910×2200mm(LxWxH)-standard one. Sometimes less filling nozzles, machine length will be smaller.

Unique Characters

Filling by gravity. If has foam, diving filling system and Install a stopper in filling nozzles, which works like a stopper in wine bottle, surely no dripping.

Is widely used to fill corrosive liquid into straight neck bottles. Also one set machine, can be used to fill oblique neck bottle, only need to change a plate, very convenient.

Can fill corrosive liquid both with Viscosity or not, need to add piston device for liquid in viscosity .

Also other models in different quantity of filling heads (6, 8, 10, 12, or more)

Made of PP material. Newest design in structure, More stronger for anti-corrosive and 100% percent no liquid leaking. PP is the best material for anti-corrosive function, much better and stronger than PVC and stainless steel.


(1) Filling range: 1000ML (filling volume can be set through touch screen)

(2) Filling accuracy: ±1%

(3) Filling speed: 1 .5circles per minute.

(4) Working air pressure: 6-7kg/c㎡

(5) Operation voltage: 220V (available to be customized)

Working Video

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Switching power supplyOmronS8JC-Z10024CJapan
Electromagnetic valveAIRTAC4V-120-08Taiwan
Touch screenWeinviewTK6070IPTaiwan
Differential pressure SwitchLinsenPZ33A-4Germany
Frequency inverterDeltaVFD004L21ATaiwan
Electrical appliancesDelixiChina
Main materialAnheda
PP plateTaiwan
Unloading valvecustomizeChina

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