Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Metal Tins Cans Labeling Machine


The wet glue metal tins cans labeling machine is suitable for labeling canned. Canned rolled into the machine, by the pressure on the tin from belt drives the rolling, when canned pass through the hot melt station then it can be coated with hot melt adhesive. Next, the canned move forward with glue stick rub on the label and stick it to canned while rolling. At the same time, in the end of the glue mechanism will also glue the end part of label. Canned continue passing through the labeling part with labels attached to the tin.

The labeling machine will keep working and labeling with stopping. The sensor will be function as to label only if there is tin canned to be label and stop when there is no canned. The labeling speed can also be adjusted from low to high and vice versa. The labeling machine replacement tank is simple and have the replacement part.

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1. This machine is suitable for can labeling. After the cans are rolled into the machine, they are driven by the belt pressed on the cans. When the cans pass through the hot-melt glue station, the cans are coated with hot-melt glue. As the cans move forward, the glue on the cans is pressed against the label. The label is glued up on the front end of the can, and it starts to be rolled on the can. At the same time, the glue application mechanism at the end of the label also coats the end of the label with glue. As the cans continue to move forward, labels are rolled onto the cans. The belt is then rolled out of the machine.

2. The machine has an alternate bid supply mechanism, so there is no need to stop the machine when adding standards.

3. The glue supply at the end is controlled by the cans, with cans supplying glue, and no cans without supplying glue.

4. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be adjusted at any time according to production needs.

5. The machine is simple to replace the tank type, with few replacement parts, only has glue on both ends of the label, and the amount of glue is small, and the labeling cost is low.

Applicable scope:

1. This machine is a tinplate can labeling machine, suitable for labeling tinplate can products; This machine is also suitable for metal tin cans such as paste food tin can , canned fruit tin , beef food tin , cat food can etc.

2. The tinplate cans of different sizes can be changed quickly. The operation is simple, neat, beautiful, clean, and easy to clean.

Technical parameters:

  • Labeling capacity: 150-300 cans/minute (varies with different can sizes)
  • Suitable can size: diameter Φ40—120mm
  • Suitable height of cans (maximum): 250mm
  • Label size: width 23-254mm; length 117-380mm
  • Adhesive for labeling: hot melt glue + quick-drying glue
  • Power supply: three-phase; 380V (or customized as required)
  • Electric power: 3Kw
  • Compressed air: 2-4Kg/m2; 10 liters/minute
  • Dimensions: length 1856mm×width 750mm×height 1250mm
  • Weight: 900Kg

Instructions for the use of machinery and electrical appliances:

  • Sensor-Omron
  • Relay-Omron
  • Contactor——CHINT
  • Power Supply-Taiwan Mingwei
  • Button-Hangzhou Sanli
  • Inverter-Inovance
  • Motor reducer——Xin Fulong
  • Pneumatic parts-SMC

Accessory items

Items details in the box

NOProduct nameQuantity
1Labeling machine1
3Glue tank1
4Glue tank pressure regulating system1
5labeling machine manual1
6Inverter manual1

Labeling machine spare parts list

NOProduct nameQuantity
1Motor belt1
2Supply valve2
3Heating pipe2
5Cold glue filter1
6Glue hose union2
7Allen wrench1
8Special wrench1
9Open wrench(8-10)1
10Open wrench(12-14)1
11Open wrench(13-15)1
12Open wrench(17-19)1
13Open wrench(22-24)1
14Electrician screwdriver1
15Electrician screwdriver1


Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Metal Tins Cans Labeling Machine Drawing

Wet-glue label VS Self-adhesive label

Wet-glue label still dominates in the food and beverage world, a pre-eminence founded on its traditional edge in terms of quality and – for longer print runs – lower cost. But self-adhesive labelling is catching up and the decision is becoming a more difficult one.

When self-adhesive labels first appeared around 30 years ago it was in a very simple form, with things like single-colour price code labels and bar code labels. Now self-adhesive label has advanced to the point where it is the labelling approach of choice for many top-tier whiskey brands. With the more sophisticated combination presses now available, albeit at a price, self-adhesive label is capable of very high quality graphics and embellishments.

In terms of quality, there’s no difference these days, Wet glue labels are printed litho. Self adhesive labels can now be printed in litho – plus they can use all the other print processes as well.

Self-adhesive labels are laminates made from a paper or non-paper face stock, adhesive and a paper or filmic siliconised release liner. Printing is done on the face stock and then die-cut to a shape before the waste matrix is removed. Supplied in reels, the release coating permits easy removal of the label from the protective backing liner.

Above all different requriements and industries require the special way to pack the containers with the Wet-glue or self-adhesive label.

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