We understand that personal care industry manufacturers face many challenges when looking to invest in filling machinery. Often a brand does not simply have one type of product, but a range that can include creams, emulsions, lotions, scrubs, washes and more.

The category of personal care products actually covers a vast number of different items. From soothing salves and skin lotions to toothpaste and mouthwash, shaving cream, liquid soap and shampoos, personal care products could probably be broken down into dozens of subcategories. Unfortunately, the variety of products also means that no single liquid filling machine will work for every personal care product. Instead, the type of filling machine used will depend on the unique characteristics of the individual product.

Almost every filler type can be utilized in the personal care industry. Some thin products will take advantage of the overflow filler principle. Others will use a simple gravity filler time-based principle. Thicker products such as shampoos and conditioners will use a time-based or pulse-based pump filler to package product. Other products high on the viscosity chart, like toothpastes or some gels, may require a piston filler to get the job done.

Personal care products include both liquid soaps and shampoos as well as cosmetic products including lotions, creams and pastes. (Body care, sun care sprays, body lotions, hand soaps, shower gels, shampoo and hair conditioners, hair colorants, creams and gels, oils, hydro alcoholic gels, deodorant, mouthwashes.) Because liquid soaps and shampoos are relatively thin viscosity, they are capable of being filled on more than one type of filling machine.

Most cosmetic products require a positive displacement type filling machine that can volumetrically fill relatively viscous products. Because these viscous products flow quite slowly, they must be forced through a fluid path under some pressure to deliver them into the container. This is also true where the shape and opening of a container will not lend itself to any other method. Positive displacement volumetric fillers such as the piston filler and servo pump filling machine are designed for this purpose and are best suited to the personal care products industry.

Our machines are the perfect solution to fill personal care products into normal as well as challenging container shapes. The machines we offer to fill cosmetic products are easy to clean, flexible, fast, and above all composed of materials suitable to process any kind of personal care product. From filling, capping, and labeling: our equipment continues to meet the ever-demanding personal care industry.

Purchasing an automatic filling machine (or turnkey line) for personal care products can be very rewarding for your business. Advantages include higher levels of precision and less opportunity for human filling errors, greater consistency of fill, less costly product wastage, improved speeds and more. Purchasing the right filling equipment for your products is therefore critical to ensure your procedures are optimized to save time and money, and ultimately add value.