Follow Tracking Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine


Linear Follow Tracking Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine is designed on the basis of straight line lobe pump filling machine. It has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, and can be filled with thin and extremely viscous products without foam. It has a separate servo motor to drive the lobe pump and supply products to each separate filling head. The filling head moves synchronously with the bottle without interruption. This allows filling of various types of containers, from 100g to 5kg barrels. This machine is made of 304SS material, sanitary connection and can be connected to CIP system. It is an ideal machine for filling food jams, such as honey, tomato jam and so on. The machine is controlled by motion controller, which has higher performance than PLC.

Main advantages:
1. The filling range is wide from 100ml-5000ml, no need to change parts;
2. It can be connected to the CIP system for automatic cleaning, making it more convenient to replace materials;
3. Fast speed, high precision and less area occupancy;

Model: VK-TLPF

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  • This machine adopts optical fibers to track bottle for high speed and high efficiency filling, and there is no break in the production process.
  • It is suitable for daily chemical liquid paste filling such as shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and detergent.
  • Fully automatic operation, bottle entry, positioning, filling and bottle exit are automatically controlled by PLC, and the whole process meets GMP standards.
  • According to the characteristics of different products, we can provide piston, rotor pump, flowmeter, solenoid valve and other measurement methods.
  • For different types bottle of different heights and capacities, especially special-shaped bottles, it only takes 3-5min to complete the commissioning.
  • It solves the problems of time-consuming and laborious due to a wide variety, small number of single products and frequent machine adjustment. At the same time, it is suitable for mass production.
Container size100ml to 5000m
Nozzles available2 to 4
Overall dimensions1800mm*1300mm*2000mm
Air consumption2 to 4
Electrical220 V 50/60hz single phase
Production rate40 to 50 Containers/Minute



Main Features

  1. High speed---40-50 bottles/min with only 2 filling nozzles;
  2. Wide Application--- fast switching for various bottles and products;
  3. Easy but High Clean---rotor pump control, CIP cleaning optional;
  4. Touch screen operation interface;
  5. Support up and down movement type filling to effectively prevent foam generation;
  6. The filling accuracy can reach ±1% (depending on the product, the filling accuracy is different);
  7. The filling cylinder is treated and ground by hard chromium, with a unique filling valve design, no leakage;
  8. No bottle no filling function;
  9. Design different positioning devices according to the actual situation of the bottle;
  10. The equipment is easy to clean, and it can also be cleaned online or sterilized by high temperature;
  11. The equipment and material contact are all made of 304# stainless steel;
  12. Less area occupancy;
Rotor Pump Working Principle
Rotor Pump Working Principle
Filling Head

Filling Head

Each filling head is equivalent to a stand-alone machine, with automatic filling, which can be opened or closed separately, and has an error correction function. They share a mobile tank, each filling head and tank are connected by a hose, quick-release excuses, independent control systems and menus, and can be produced separately.

High Quality Hose

High Quality Hose

Adapt world top brand of hose, such as TOYOX.

hose characteristics:

With stand pressure
With SUS316 reinforced coil and special reinforced structure, it has excellent stereotypes and is suitable for pressure and vacuum conveying.

High heat resistance
It can withstand high-temperature fluids within 150 ℃, and can be used to clean the inside of food hoses and the floor (conditional restrictions)

No Dead Corner Top Tank

No Dead Corner Top Tank

1.The top tank is with round or semi round design no dead corner, more easy cleaning

2. Double jacket hopper optional

3. Mixing system optional

4. CIP system optional

5. 304SS constuction material, 316SS for option

Cleaning & Disassembly

Cleaning & Disassembly

Automatic cleaning function: without manual disassembly, it can be set once on the touch screen to automatically clean and drain the sewage.

MCGS Touch Screen

MCGS Touch Screen

PLC and touch screen control, simple operation and maintenance, automatic counting, no bottle and no filling, one-key cleaning; recipe preservation. The touch screen support adopts a 360-degree rotatable bracket, which is easy to operate, simple and generous in appearance, and strong in practicability, giving the operator a kind of enjoyment at will.

1Miniature Circuit BreakerOSMC32N2C6(Schneider)1/pcs
2Miniature Circuit BreakerOSMC32N2C20 (Schneider)1/pcs
3AC contactorLC1N2510M5N(Schneider)1/pcs
4AC contactorLC1N0910M5N(Schneider)1/pcs
5Siemens relaysSR2HL-D24.SSF08F16/se
6switching power supplyIDR-120-241/pcs
8Fixed seatHDW-2112/pcs
9touch screenTP2507-E(禾川)HCFA1/pcs
10Motion ControllerHCQ1-1200-D2(禾川)HCFA1/pcs
110.4KW inverterE220-0.4G3BE-00(禾川)HCFA2/pcs
120.4KW driverSV-X3EB040A-A2(禾川)HCFA3/pcs
130.75KW driverSV-X3EB075A-A2(禾川)HCFA2/pcs
14400W power line 5 metersCAB-PWR75A-5M(禾川)HCFA5/pcs
15400W encoder cable 5 metersCAB-ENC75A-5M(禾川)HCFA5/pcs
17power switch buttonSKBO-PX10D(绿色)1/pcs
18emergency buttonNP2-BS541(红)1/pcs
19Reed sensorCMSG-020(亚德客)Airtac4/pcs
20Reed sensorCMSH-020(亚德客)Airtac4/pcs
21proximity switchPSC1205-N3(RIKO)8/pcs
22Axial FanTA12025(220v)1/pcs
23LED warning light LTA-505-3WJ DV24V1/pcs
24Aviation plugGX16-31/pcs
25Network connection crystal head超五类11/pcs
26Level relay四路 AC220V1/pcs
27Fiber Optic SensorFS-N18N+FU-7F1/pcs
28Solder-free male and female butt plug-in terminal block XK2EDGRK-5.08MM2EDGVC-5.08-5P+2EDGPK-5.08-5P2/pcs
video play button
video play button

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