Semi Auto Explosion-Proof Two-Head Epoxy Filling Machine


Applicable to: curing agent, epoxy, auxiliary industry, quantitative filling of non-foaming liquid in 1-10L packaging barrels.

This explosion-proof two-head epoxy filling machine adopts the filling method in the barrel mouth, which is suitable for the filling of curing agent-type non-foaming liquid materials. The uniquely designed filling head device is easy to operate, and the filling is fast and precise; During operation, the operator simply aligns the barrel mouth directly under the filling head, presses the [Start] button on the handle, and the system will automatically tare the empty barrel and automatically charge nitrogen for N seconds. Then open the filling valve to accurately fill at two speeds; when the filling is over, the filling head is automatically closed, and the barrel is manually pushed out of the weighing table and capping is completed.

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System features and functions

  • The whole system is manufactured with explosion-proof standard, explosion-proof grade: EXdiaIIBT4
  • The control system is made of high-end electrical accessories such as Japan's Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller, with reliable performance;
  • The filling gun is a proprietary design of our company, which can be disassembled and assembled quickly by hand, which is convenient for maintenance;
  • The sealing and soft connection parts are made of Teflon, which is resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis, and has a long service life;
  • The system adopts two-stage adjustable filling method for large and small materials, which improves the accuracy and production capacity;
  • Two filling modes of net weight and gross weight can be selected to meet the different filling needs of users;
  • The target amount can be set freely, adapting to quantitative filling of various weight ranges;
  • Double-window display dedicated filling control instrument, which can display information such as target volume, filling volume, barrel number, accumulated volume, etc.;
  • The height of the filling head can be adjusted manually, which is suitable for packaging barrels of different heights;
  • It has the function of automatically judging the tare weight range of empty barrels and the function of not filling if there are no barrels;
  • It has the function of automatically detecting the out-of-tolerance filling target volume, and can freely start the automatic drop correction function;
  • The controller is equipped with manual buttons for all actions and emergency stop buttons for use in special situations;
  • The controller can store 30 groups of filling value parameters, which can only be called when using;
  • It has the functions of self-fault diagnosis, interface test, digital adjustment, anti-vibration setting and host computer communication;
  • Adopt one-button operation: start-filling head descending-automatic peeling-filling-finishing filling and lifting the nozzle.

Semi Auto Explosion-Proof Two-Head Epoxy Filling Machine Details


Semi Auto Explosion-Proof Two-Head Epoxy Filling Machine Drawing

Basic parameters

  • Maximum weighing: 10kg
  • Minimum sense: 2g
  • Filling error: ±5-15g
  • Filling speed: about 240 barrels/hour (depending on the feed flow rate)
  • Explosion-proof grade: EXdiaIIBT4
  • Control mode: 2-speed control
  • Filling method: fixed, inside the barrel
  • Weighing platform size: 300×300mm
  • Heavy bucket table: 300mm×600mm
  • Pipe of pipe: SUS304 stainless steel and Teflon
  • Structural material: SUS304 stainless steel (standard column carbon steel chrome plating)
  • Pipeline pressure: 0.2-0.6MPa (related to material properties).
  • Material interface: DN40 quick-loading clamp (faucet), the interface standard can be provided by the user
  • Air source interface: user provides 8mm air pipe connector for quick connector connection
  • Power supply: AC220/50Hz (provided by the user to the machine side)
  • Air source: 0.4-0.8Mpa (provided by the user to the side of the machine)
  • Operating temperature: -10℃-50℃
  • Basic conditions: level solid concrete floor, concrete thickness should be greater than 10cm.

Working Videos

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A. The operator places the empty barrel on the weighing platform, so that the filling gun head is directly above the barrel mouth;

B. The operator presses the [Start] button;

C. Check that the weight of the container is qualified, automatically remove the tare weight, open the nitrogen filling and open the bottom valve of the gun head for fast filling. When the weight reaches the small material value, the filling speed becomes smaller, and when the weight reaches the target amount minus the advance amount, the bottom valve is fully off, error detection and display;

D. The operator moves the heavy bucket out of the weighing table and screw the cover. A filling process is completed;

E. Repeat steps A-D for continuous filling.

Configuration Specifications

Main equipment - liquid filling scale

1Electronic control system1 
Explosion-proof control box, weighing controller 2, Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller, Schneider control button, electronic control components, etc.
2Air control system1 
Stainless steel air control box, AIRTAC explosion-proof solenoid valve, AIRTAC triplet, quick connector, trachea, etc.
3Filling device2Optional:
Nitrogen filling model
SUS304 stainless steel liquid filling head, gun head cylinder, quick fitting, solvent cup, fixing parts, etc.
4Lifting device1 
Fixed frame, hand-operated lowering mechanism, gun head fixing components, etc.
5rack structure1 
SUS304 stainless steel base, carbon steel chrome-plated column, aluminum alloy chuck, SUS304 stainless steel instrument frame, stainless steel guardrail, adjustable feet, explosion-proof pipeline, etc.
6Weighing device2 
SUS304 stainless steel weighing platform, American VGP load cell, installation accessories, etc.
7other attachments1 
220V power supply explosion-proof pipe or explosion-proof armored cable, 304 quick-install clamp, 304 quick-install water nozzle connector, air pipe, etc.
8Random spare parts1 
Filling head shaft Teflon seals, fluororubber seals, pipeline seals, seal replacement wrench, etc.

Optional parts

1Teflon Outer Stainless Steel Quick-Fill Hose1 
2Other options  

User provided

Connection and installation of feeding pipeline, feeding pump, return device, and public works such as foundation.

0.4-0.8MPa air source, AC220 power supply to the side of the electrical control box.

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