VK-T808 Semi Automatic Floor Type Round Bottle Labeler


VK-T808 belongs to landing semi-automatic labeling machine. It is suitable for labeling cylindrical objects of various specifications and small taper cylinders. It can realize full/half-circle labeling, circular front and back labeling, and the distance between front and back labeling can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can label single, fixed point labeling or double labeling. Optional circumferential positioning detection device to achieve circumferential positioning labeling. It can also be equipped with ribbon coder and inkjet printer, labeling and printing production batch number and other information, reducing the packaging process and improving production efficiency.

Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm

Labeling speed: 25-40bottles/min

Applicable product diameter (for round bottles): Φ15mm~Φ100mm

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Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Labeling speed25-40bottles/min
Applicable product diameter (for round bottles)Φ15mm~Φ100mm
Applicable label sizelength:15mm~380mm
Inner diameter of label rollΦ76 mm
Label outer diameterΦ280 mm
Overall dimensions (length×width×height)About750mm×420mm×500mm
Total WeightAbout 56Kg
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

Product Performance:

  • Powerful function, single label, double label labeling function can be switched arbitrarily, the distance between the front and back double standards can be flexibly adjusted, optional circumferential positioning function, set position labeling on the circumferential surface;
  • Support Erlenmeyer flask labeling, with taper adjustment knob, simple adjustment can meet the taper flask labeling;
  • Good labeling quality, with dual positioning of product positioning and label correction, high overlap between the head and tail of the label, no wrinkles, no bubbles, improve and ensure quality;
  • Simple adjustment, one-click switching of various functions, simple and fast labeling switching of different product labels, improving efficiency;
  • Safe and hygienic, in line with GMP production requirements, the main materials are made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, strong and durable;
  • Stable performance, controlled by PLC + optical fiber sensor electronic control system, support equipment to work for a long time;
  • Convenient production management, with labeling counting, power-saving mode, photoelectric tracking label and other functions, production management is easier;
  • Optional functions and components: (1) hot coding function; (2) Circumferential positioning function; (3) Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).
VK-T808 Details

Product Features:

1. Round bottles, round cans, cylinders and other self-adhesive labeling.

2. It is suitable for labeling PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and other round bottles.

3. Wide range of application, can meet the diameter range of 20-100mm cylindrical body labeling.

4. The labeling accuracy is high, and the deviation between the head and end of the label is ≤±0.5mm.

VK-T808 Application
Using ingenious extrusion device feeding, just put the workpiece, automatically complete the labeling, card position adjustment, different workpiece labeling switching is simple, synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved, desktop design, streamlined structure, small appearance, powerful function, anodized aluminum alloy bracket and advanced computer white electric box, Beautiful and generous, high-grade electric eye, high sensitivity of object and label detection.

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