Adhesive Filling Machine: The Selection Guide

Adhesives, also known as glues. It is more common in daily life and there are various packaging styles, among which tube glue and squeeze bottle are the most common.

For different packaging styles, VKPAK recommends the use of different filling equipment, such as tube filling and sealing machines for tubular glue, monoblock filling and capping machines for small squeeze bottles, and linear piston filling machines for large capacity bottles that can run normally on a conveyor belt.

The choice of glue filling machine needs to be based on the packaging style of the project as well as the viscosity of the glue.

Adhesives are among the more viscous liquids in filling applications, but VKPAK has adhesive filling machines that can keep your production line efficient and profitable. Our equipment can help you get the most out of your packaging operations, with filling equipment along with a selection of bottle cleaners, conveyors, cappers, and labeling machines that can handle adhesives and many other liquid products.

Brief introduction of adhesive

Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any non-metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.Today there are adhesives strong enough to replace rivets and welding using a process called hotmelt.

The use of adhesives offers certain advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastenings, or welding. These include the ability to bind different materials together, the more efficient distribution of stress across a joint, the cost-effectiveness of an easily mechanized process, and greater flexibility in design. Disadvantages of adhesive use include decreased stability at high temperatures, relative weakness in bonding large objects with a small bonding surface area, and greater difficulty in separating objects during testing. [From Wiki]

Glue & Adhesive
Glue & Adhesive

Adhesive filling machine selection

Common glue packaging style:

For No. 1 glue tubes; VKPAK recommends the use of a tube filling and sealing machine;

Tube Filling And Sealing Machine Sale

Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Introduction Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine and food industries. The equipment has a high degree of automation, automatic loading, automatic color matching, automatic sealing, batch numbering, and automatic discharging. Using the internal heating method, the Swiss "LEISTER" hot air heater...

For No. 2 School glue bottle; VKPAK recommends the use of a linear piston filling machine;

Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Introduction Piston fillers measure and dispense free flowing products - such as thin and/or moderately dense liquids - onto a container. Each machine is equipped with one or more volumetric pistons. Each fill/release cycle consists of an intake stroke, where the product is withdrawn from the container or...

For No. 3 Glue bottle; VKPAK recommends the use of a monoblock filling and capping machine;

Filling And Capping Machine

Filling And Capping Machine

Introduction This fully automatic liquid filling and capping machine is our company's adaptation to market demand. It is mainly used for glass and plastic bottles such as round, square or shaped bottles, and introduces new products developed by foreign advanced technology. The machine adopts plunger type piston pump...

When you are bottling adhesive & glue there are several types of filling machines you may choose.

VKPAK designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for adhesive & glue.

Our adhesive & glue liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the adhesive & glue industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your adhesive & glue filling needs and meet your production goals.

Our machines are a solution to pack any type of glue, resin or other sticky product. Our machines can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning and are easy and practical to use. They can be equipped with all the materials and specific gaskets needed for the treatment of any viscous chemical product, even aggressive.

Implement A Customized System Of Adhesive & Glue Filling Equipment

Adhesives’ high level of viscosity requires liquid filling equipment that can properly handle them. VKPAK’s adhesive filling machines are designed to sufficiently fill adhesive products in many types of containers. Our equipment is customizable based on product specifications, including the sizes and shapes of containers. Our volumetric piston fillers are commonly used for thicker liquid products such as adhesives, and can maximize the longevity of your production line. To complete your production line, you can also use a system of conveyors, bottle cleaners, cappers, and labelers.

After the liquid filling process completes, you can install cappers to fit super glue bottles with custom-fitting caps onto bottles, which can effectively prevent spillage and leakage. Labeling equipment can print and apply product labels on bottles with custom branding, images, text, and more. A complete system of conveyors can carry super glue products to and from each section of the filling and packaging assembly in custom configurations at multiple speed settings. A combination of this equipment, including super glue filling machines, can keep your production line efficient and fully functional.

Complete Liquid Packaging Solutions For Adhesives & Glue

There are several important steps in adhesive packaging apart from the filling process. VKPAK carries a wide variety of liquid packaging machines apart from adhesive filling equipment to keep the entire packaging process efficient and accurate.

Bottle cleaning equipment can eliminate contaminants from containers prior to filling, removing dust, bacteria, and other particles. Cappers place unique caps to seal adhesive containers and prevent exposure to air. Labeling machines apply permanent clear, paper, or Mylar labels to containers that can resist wear. A system of conveyors can transport products from the beginning of the packaging process to the end at consistent speed presets.

Adhesives & Glue Capping Machines

Adhesives & glue bottle capping machine, usually choose the following equipment, the specific machine selection needs to be based on the shape of the cap, size, capping method to decide.

Rotary Pick and Place Bottle Capping Machine

Rotary Pick and Place Bottle Capping Machine

Introduction The pick and place capping machine is designed and manufactured for the caps which can not directly feeding on the bottles, it is mostly using for daily chemicals bottles and caps, cosmetics container capping, and pilfer-proof caps. The capper is either integrated within our filling machine or...
Automatic Spindle Screw Capping Machine Sale

Automatic Spindle Screw Capping Machine

Introduction The VK-SC automatic spindle screw capping machine is extremely flexible, is capable of capping accurately and rapidly any cap, such as trigger cap, metal cap, flip cap and so on. 1. Variable speed AC motors. 2. Spindle wheels adjustment knobs, with lock nut hand wheel. 3. Meter...

Automatic 4 Wheels Bottle Capping Machine

Introduction Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine is designed to handle Trigger Spray Cap, Pump Cap, Push-pull Cap, Snap Hinge Cap and Sport Push-pull Cap. Round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles Applicable Caps: Screw Caps and twist of metal caps The main structure is made of durable 304...

Adhesives & Glue Labeling Machines

Adhesives & glue bottle labeling machine, usually choose the following equipment, the specific machine selection needs to be based on the shape of the container, the size of the container, label size to decide.

Double Sided Labeling Machine

Automatic Double Sided Labeling Machine

Introduction Double Sides Labeling Machine is widely suitable for food stuff, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries. It is single and double side labeling for flat, square and round bottle. Automatic controlled by computer (PLC) easy operating. It can change specifications easily. It adopts servo motor, achieved closed...
Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Introduction The vertical round bottle sticker labeler is designed to achieve a rationalized production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, the labeling position is uniform, beautiful, and tidy; it is suitable for the round container labeling in the pharmaceutical,...

Your adhesive packaging facility will benefit from a complete system that maximizes your production line’s life cycle while offering improved productivity.

Contact VKPAK For A Custom Adhesive & Glue Packaging System Design

VKPAK can help you design the best custom adhesive packaging system for your specific application, including a system of adhesive filling machines. Our experts will assist with machine selection, and we also offer installation services to make sure your system is properly integrated in your facility.

If you would like to design a custom packaging solution for adhesive products, including a system of adhesive filling equipment, contact VKPAK to get started today.

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