Automatic High Speed Bottle Unscrambler


Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is making up of bottle elevator, round plate, bottle rejector, bottle-arranging and the electrical cabinet. Put disordered bottles to the bottle elevator, through round plate, conveying belts, bottle arranging parts, then bottles can stand on the belts. This machine is characterized by the compact structure, simple operation principle, mature technique and stable movement.

This bottle unscrambler is capable of unscrambling round, rectangular, square and oval PET, HDPE, PP, PS, and PVC plastic bottles with and without handles as well as spiral wound fiber containers.

This bottle unscrambler assures that manufacturers of all sizes in a wide range of industries can choose the unscrambler ideally suited to their requirements and their budget. Our unscramblers are used in dozens of industries and they are widely used in personal care, ready-to-drink beverage, bottled water, automotive, laundry, household cleaning, and container decorating product categories.

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A bottle unscrambler is a machine used to feed bottles onto production lines in the bottling industries. Many designs are available, but their purpose is the same, feed bottles automatically at high speeds eliminating the expensive, inefficient manual labor of this process.

In the rotating disk, bottles are spun by centripetal force into neck-leading and base-leading positions for introduction to the infeed tooling. The rotary bumper displaces misaligned bottles back to the rotating disk. Neck-leading and base-leading bottles are captured by the infeed belt for transfer to the hook mechanism.

Neck-leading bottles are hooked into a base-leading position. Base-leading bottles push past the hook. Once standing, the bottles are stabilized for exit to the customer’s conveyor. Bottles exit the unscrambler on the customer’s conveyor, ready for the next process in the filling line.


  • Simple structure, easy operation and convenient adjustment. While the other company's same machine are larger than us, length over 3 meters and weighted too much.
  • When changing different size bottle, there is no need to change model. Its applicable range is 50-1000ml bottles. You only need to adjust belt in the bottle hopper and the space of the unscrambling structure. Adjust the space of the bottle unscrambling structure according to the bottle size.
  • It adopted the lastest technology. Good stability and its qualified rate is 100%.
  • The electrical components are all imported which ensures its long service time, stability and reliability.
  • The whole machine is covered with organic glasses, you can open all the cover for easy adjustment.
  • All the organic glass cover is installed with the sensor. The machine only can start when all the organic glass cover are closed, or will stop when any of the door is open.
  • The connecting belt in the machine are shaped in one time, not easy to broken.
  • Automatic bottle elevating function, you only need to put the bottles in the bottle elevator, a sensor is installed in the rotary plate, it will automatically elevate the bottles when there is not enough bottle, and it will start when the bottles are enough consequently.
  • Coordination sensor, it will stop bottle unscrambling when there is jam of the other sections of the filling line, it will start again when the jam is cleared. It will have the perfect linkage with the other sections of the filling line.


1. Applicable Bottle Diameter: Φ45-90mm;

2. Applicable Bottle Height: 80-240mm;

3. Speed: ≤200 bottle/min (Customize up to 600 bottles/min);

4. Air Pressure: 0.5~0.7 MPa;

5. Power: 2 KW;

6. Power Source: AC220V, 50Hz;

7. Bottle-Elevator Dimension: 2200*1000*1900(L×W×H) mm;

8. Unscrambler Dimension: 2600*1450*1370(L×W×H) mm;

9. Weight: About 1250Kg;

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