High Speed Rotary Positioning Labeling Machine


The high speed rotary positioning labeling machine is designed to achieve a reasonable production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, the labeling position is uniform, beautiful, and tidy; it is suitable for the round container labeling in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and can be labeled on the whole week and half circumference. Optional ribbon coder and printer, labeling at the same time to achieve print production batch number, production date and other information. To achieve the integration of labeling and coding, reduce the number of packaging processes, and increase production efficiency.

Model: VK-SPL

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With years of extensive technology experience the labeler is a versatile automatic labeling machinery widely be applied to round or cylindrical-shaped stable containers labeling application in the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and daily chemical industries.

Sending & collecting device: optional distribution (collecting) trays, also can directly connect with the production line and the optional Printing equipment flexible matching with thermal transfer printer, hot printing machine or ink-jet printer, highly efficiency with auto label service.

Technical Parameters

1Labeling speed60-100 pieces/minute (the specific value is related to the size of the object and the label)
2Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
3Conveyor speed3-25m/min
4Speed of marking roll3-25m/min
5Power1800W, 220V, 50/60Hz
7Package Size3100mm×1100mm×1500mm
8Conveyor belt through the bottle diameter1-60mm(different bottle types need to be equipped with astrolabe)
9Bid out speed3-40m/min

Working Video

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Working Process

The bottle enters the astrolabe via the conveyor belt, and when it passes through the bottle measuring battery, it triggers the bottle measuring battery to give a signal to the PLC. After the PLC delays, the dial rotates clockwise to a working position. When the bottle is at the labeling roller position, the bottom of the bottle is attached. The battery for marking the bottle sees the bottle, and at the same time, the bottle rotates clockwise with the labeling roller that keeps rotating, and the battery for labeling the bottle gives a signal to the PLC when the positioning sensor at the bottom of the bottle sees the bottle. After the positioning mark at the bottom, locate the electric eye and send a signal to the PLC. At this time, the PLC controls the label feeder to delay a label to be attached to the bottle. At the same time, with the cooperation of the labeling roller, the entire label is firmly rolled and attached to the bottle. After the surface of the bottle is pasted, the star pull plate rotates clockwise for a working position, and the bottle is transported out to complete the entire labeling process. Optional functions and components.


1. Applications: round containers labeling in industries such as pharmaceutical and daily chemical. Positionable at the side or bottom.

2. Star wheel rotary infeed, driven by precise cam indexer, 8 working positions.

3. Double pressing roller structure for the labeling device, to ensure the label carrier film is appropriately stretched without being easily broken. New labeling clutch to stabilize the label tension for smooth operation,

4. 6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station for wide adjustment. Within a few minutes, the adjustment for any kind of labeling can be finished.

5. Advanced HMI system, easy access to saved data, fault reminder and assistance information. easy operation.

6. Driven by servo motor, equipped with absolute encoder for accurate labeling.

Main Features

The motor adopts Japanese Panasonic servo labeling system, Delta PLC and functional modules, Panasonic servo main motor for bidding, Delta frequency conversion adjustment: high stability and synchronization, the fastest response speed is 1200 times/min, and the torque is strong, Never lose step.

1. German Siemens microcomputer control system:

The real FUZZY (intelligence) is free of settings and adjustments. As long as the system is turned on, the system has completed all the calculations and preparations for labeling, and the perfect product can be posted by pressing the start button.

2. Mode of operation:

A. Imported touch-sensitive man-machine interface, full Chinese display, as long as you follow the instructions on the display, you can easily go online without any experience, greatly reducing the training time of personnel; the production speed can be set arbitrarily through the man-machine interface, It can automatically adjust the production speed, and can cooperate with the speed of any production line for the most effective production operation.

B. If there is an abnormal failure: If the label is used up, the tape is broken or missing, the count setting is reached, the machine is abnormal, etc., it will automatically stop and send an alarm.

Machine Design

1. Super wear-resistant label rolling and sticking mechanism, using hard aluminum sandblasting, durable and not easy to wear.

2. Accurate differential bottle separation mechanism, the accuracy of the bottle separation is as high as ±5mm, and there is no need to replace accessories for changing bottles of different specifications, which saves costs and is easy to adjust, which is better than other brands.

3. The stable and durable machine base and various parts adopt standardized modular design with complete interchangeability, running 24 hours to ensure safety and stability.

4. The chassis is made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy, which will never rust and meet GMP specifications.

1) The printing head adopts solenoid valve to control the cylinder for reciprocating movement. Compared with the movement of the crank connecting rod, the reaction speed and printing speed are greatly improved.

2) The manufacturing date, production batch number and expiration date can be printed at the same time, and the printing direction can be adjusted arbitrarily according to user needs. The handwriting is clear, hygienic and clean.

1Labeling servo motor1setPanasonic
2Star plate servo motor1set 
3Conveyor belt motor1setShanghai Jianmin
4Conveyor motor gearbox1set 
5Inverter1set Taiwan Delta
6Roll label motor1set Precision research (Sino-German joint venture)
7Roll label motor gearbox1set 
8 bottle motor1set 
9Bottle motor gearbox1set 
10Labeling photoelectric1setOmron
11Label detection photoelectric2setLeuze
12Programmable controller1setSiemens
13Touch screen1setSiemens

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