Automatic Arm Type Cap Tightening Machine


This machine adopts CNC single-track electric single-head grab-type tracking screw cap.

Automatic gripping and capping are completed by the servo motor, and the movement is precise and the speed is fast. The servo system + torque module controls the capping head, and the cap tightness is freely set.

When the capping head is working, the set torque is automatically stopped. Electric rotary type capping machine adopts double photoelectric screening for positive and negative cover, and the screening pass rate is 100%.

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel material.

An efficient and universal machine for automatic, continuous capping of packages during production (non-stop workflow). The capping machine caps virtually any cap type with a thread (to include ones with a membrane, collar or other type of safety) fed automatically into the feeder.

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The latest tracking capping machine, no damage to the cap, fast speed, safety and stability, high capping efficiency. The machine is controlled by PLC and several servo motors control the movement of the capping pro. In the process of capping, the bottle moves continuously, the capping torque is adjustable, the production speed is fast, the work is stable, the cap will not be damaged in the process of capping.


1. The main dimensions (length × width × height): 2000mm × 1400mm × 2500mm

2. Weight: 600kg

3. Suitable container specifications: Height: 50mm ~ 450mm; diameter: ¢ 30mm ~ ¢ 500mm; various parties bottles and bottles without rules

4. Lid height: 10mm ~ 50mm; diameter: ¢ 20mm ~ ¢ 80mm

5. Power:AC 220V/50HZ

6. Total Power:3KW

7. Need to prepare the gas source: 0.6MPa clean air

8. Capacity: 20~40P/M


1. This machine can finish a series of operations such as bottle-feeding cap-feeding, cap-unscrambling and bottle-out.

2. We adopt international advanced modular design concept, including molds cap-sending, cap-grasping by positioning servo-controlled torque.

3. Non-injury of bottle and caps, high efficiency. No caps , no operating. At the same time, this machine can remove the damaged bottles and non-foiling bottles.

4. It uses advance control technology, touch screen, programmable controllers, servo motor combination, product upgrade quickly. About conditioning, just input the arming angle in the touch screen. Then through the screw lifting mechanism to lift the whole place to complete the specifications.

5. It greatly improves production efficiency and friendlier human-machine combination

6. Surfaces were polished, beautiful; This machine step-less adjustable conducive equipped production lines, is the ideal choice for large, medium and small packing plant.

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The capper offers exceptional flexibility, and adapts to a wide range of bottle and cap sizes. The sturdy conveyor system has adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate the varying product sizes. The smart PLC system controls all the digital parameters via HMI which make operating flexibly and easily.

The machine is controlled by the servo system, which is based on an advanced brushless motor system that provides fast, accurate output.The capper’s integrated touch-screen controls bring ease of use to the operator, while increasing efficiency and productivity for each project. The machine’s bottle jam detection feature stops the machine automatically and notified the operator in the case of a bottle jam.

The precise, cap feeding chute ensure smooth cap feeding to avoid cap jamming. The production preset function enables the capper to automatically stop once the preset quantity of products has been capped. The monitor setting provides data records to help track maintenance and usage.

The capper level deck can be adjusted up and down to accommodate products with various height demands. The capper has adjustable electronic torque values that help eliminate damage to caps and reduce insert wear. The capper is equipped with motor overload protection to avoid improper operation causing motor damage.

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