Automatic Ionized Air Rinser For Bottles


This bottle rinser machine is mainly used for clean the inside of various shapes of bottles and jars by ionized air flushing to ensure the bottles meets requirements of production process, and it has function of initial sterilizing bottles with UV tunnel.

This bottle rinsing machine are customized base on different products and capacity required. Bottle unscrambler machine,filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, ink coding machine and packaging machines can be addedas an option and combine freely.

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The machine is universal for glass bottle and plastic bottle rinsing with air. It blow inside of bottle with clean air and sucking the dust out of the bottle.

This machine is a new generation of automatic ionized air rinser machine developed and produced by our company based on years of manufacturing experience, scientific and reasonable equipment adopts PLC and touch screen control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable and reliable performance.

Working Principle:

Air bottle rinsers provide an efficient way to safely remove dust and small particles from containers before filling. This system is particularly suitable for removing loose contaminants that may have accumulated in the containers during shipping or storage. The ionized air rinser is almost always used in beverage filling applications as well as most food and pharmaceutical operations. Containers are automatically indexed beneath an air nozzle that has both an ionized air-jet and vacuum source. The bottle is first given a multiple burst of HEPA filtered ionized air to loosen any particles from the wall of the container. A vacuum sequence follows which removes particulates into a self contained filter unit.

Main features of the bottle rinsing machine:

1. Automatic ionized air rinser is specially design for bottle and jar rinsing with ionized air before filling, it combined ionized air flushing with UV sterilizing.

2. Bottle unscrambler machine, drying tunnel, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, ink coding machine and packaging machine can be added as an option and combine freely.

3. The whole washing machine is a full automatic system, PLC control, 7 inch touch screen operator, Simens, Schneider, Airtac, Omron world famous electric and pneumatic components.

4. All the machines are made of good quality 304/316 stainless steel and alloy aluminum.

5. Can be adjusted for different sizes of bottle easily.

6. Water rinsing with air flushing can be customized.


Power supply voltage220V/50~60Hz
Use air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Bottle cleaning speed1800-2000bottle/hour
Use air sourceIonized air, Compressed air and vacuum
Adapt to bottle typeglass bottle or plastic bottle
Weightabout 450kg
DimensionsL1500 x W1000 x H1900mm

Components List

Touch ScreenInovanceChina
Bottle SensorOptexJapan
Air CylinderAIRTACTaiwan
Solenoid ValveAIRTACTaiwan
While rinsing machinery may not be a part of every packaging process, it can often be necessary to protect the integrity of the products being packaged. This is especially true for foods, beverages and other products that are ingested by consumers. Dust and debris left in bottles can not only ruin a product, but may be harmful to the individuals ingesting the product. Rinsing machines are one way that packagers can remove contaminants from bottles before introducing a liquid product to help keep the entire process sanitary.

For those that do incorporate rinsing equipment into the packaging line, there exist several different ways to clean containers. Some may use water to rinse out bottles, others may use a more harsh cleaner to sanitize bottles and some may even use product to rinse containers to avoid contamination with other liquids. While these wet rinsing techniques will work for many projects, they also create additional waste as the packager will have to dispose of the water, product or other cleaning media used in the process. For this reason, another option, that of rinsing with air, has become more and more popular in the packaging industry.

Air rinsing machines work in the same manner as wet rinsers, inverting bottles over a rinse basin before performing the rinse. With the air rinser, however, a blast of clean air loosens and removes debris from the bottles, where wet rinsers nozzles would blast the bottle with water, product or other solution. Instead of the rinse basin capturing the rinse media and the debris, the air rinser simply catches the debris as it falls from the containers, resulting in much less waste throughout the production day. Using an air rinse, of course, also removes the danger of water or other solution being left behind in the bottles during the fill as well, further protecting the integrity of the product.

In some cases, air rinsing may also be the only feasible solution for a packager. As noted above, a majority of rinsing machines work by inverting bottles over the rinse basin. Large, heavy or oddly shaped bottles, however, can make the inverting process extremely difficult. In these cases, bottle vacuums can be used to clean the inside of containers. Bottle vacuums allow containers to stay on the conveyor belt during the rinse process. These machines use special nozzles that seal over the bottle opening, then blast the bottle with clean air to loosen debris. After the blast of air, the loosened debris will be vacuumed by the nozzles into an easily cleanable waste reservoir, again leaving only the removed debris as the waste.

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